In Their House #34 - Guti

In Their House #34 - Guti

published on 05.06.13

Guti is without doubt one of the most gifted and original electronic artists of his generation. With previous releases on pioneering labels such as Cadenza and Desolat – as well as the recent inaugural release on Defected’s breakout label DFTD – Guti has demonstrated time and again his creativity and passion for underground electronic music.

A mix from Guti is a rare thing, and when they do arrive they’re rarely your standard fare. His effort for In Their House is no exception; more like a mix/album hybrid than a traditional compilation or podcast mix, every record included is either produced, co-produced or remixed by the Argentine artist, resulting in a highly personally and deeply captivating hour of soaring melodies, deep bass and Guti’s signature, exquisite keys and chords.

The Ibiza season has finally kicked into gear… how has the island changed in the time that you¹ve been going there?

Ibiza is always changing, and every year is so magical and different. Now you have more parties, parties everywhere. There is something for everyone out there.

Your new EP is released this week on DFTD… what was it about the label that appealed to you?

I’ve worked with Defected before, and I love the guys and how much they love music. When they came with the new label idea and it being the first release was just natural, like I wanna be part of this from start. With how many labels do you have the chance to be the first record?

You’re known for only infrequently putting mixes together ­ what convinced you to do one in this instance?

I'm not a DJ, I'm a musician. I write music, I produce music and I only play my own music. is like a mini universe. For me was a nice chance to be able to review a bit of my music. There are songs from my first Desolat record back then in 2009 (‘The Hustler’) and many songs I really love and wanted to put out again mixed with new music like La Casa or Hope.  I don't know, just a couple of songs I love all together.

When and where was the mix put together?

It was at an after party in a house – there were just one friend and myself – after 7 gigs in 10 days traveling the world, going to the States and back to Europe.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about…

I’m looking forward for this season, so much Ibiza for me. I’m really happy and I’ll be heavily touring the world this year. Try to catch me at a party and say hi.

Guti 'Hope EP' is out now on DFTD


Cesar Merveille, Guti - Maayancholy
Deniz Kurtel, Guti, Gadi Mizrahi - 3 AM
Guti & Fosky - Step
Guti feat Anthea - Option One
Guti & Fosky - La Casa
Guti feat Anthea - My Whole Thing
Guti - The Hustler
Guti - Caballero
Luca Bachetti & Guti – Loneliness
Guti - Sun
Layo & Bushwaka - Can't Hurt You (Guti Remix)
Guti - Hope
Guti - Funkapella
Davide Squillace & Guti - The Other Side of the Hustler
Guti - Wanna Be
Guti & Dubshape – Every Cow Has a Bird