The 4 To The Floor series kicks off with Movin' Records

The 4 To The Floor series kicks off with Movin' Records

published on 20.04.17

4 To The Floor presents Movin’ Records 12” is available now

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The brainchild of the so-called “fairy godmother of house” Abigail Adams, during the mid-80s and early 90s Movin’ Records defined the New Jersey sound. A regular at the iconic Roxy roller disco in New York, Adams’ skate-shop-turned-record-store was instrumental in supplying club resident Tony Humphries with the hottest records that everybody wanted to dance to. Danny Krivit, Larry Levan and Timmy Regisford were also Adams’ friends and regulars at the store.

Taking the natural step into releasing records, Movin’s first output was ‘I’ve Got The Music’ by Boyd Jarvis in 1987, followed by music from game changers like Phase II, 3 A.M. and Cassio The Cassmaster; straight up “Jersey jams” that producers are still attempting to replicate to this day. All those standout records and more appear on this compilation, lovingly selected and compiled by Luke Solomon as part of the 4 To The Floor series. Throughout the album, the golden touch of greats such as Kerri Chandler, Marshall Jefferson, Josh Milan and Kevin Hedge (of Blaze) can be heard on tracks like Dee Dee Brave ‘My My Lover’, Grampa ‘She’s Crazy’ (both co-written by Kerri), Vicky Martin ‘Not Gonna Do It’ (Larry Patterson 12” Mix) which was co-written by Marshall and Phase II ‘Reachin’ which was co-written and produced by Hedge and Milan. Once again fulfilling the role of your friendly record shop assistant, Luke digs for those lightbulb moments of musical (re)discovery so you don’t have to. 

“Movin’ was very much a part of my youth,” says Luke of his connection to the seminal label, “more than I actually realised whilst working my way through the catalogue. 4 To The Floor is very much about selecting music that has stood the test of time from each and every one of the labels. It will be a celebration of house music history.”


4 To the Floor is a new imprint delving into the archives of classic house labels, digging for those lightbulb moments of musical discovery. The 4 To The Floor series comes correct with re-releases, brand new vinyl LP collections and digital albums from legendary house labels such as Soulfuric, Movin’ Records, Fourth Floor, Sub-Urban, Slip ‘n’ Slide and loads more, along with official label merch, for that full rack-raiding experience.

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