Blog: A Final Boogie with MJ

Blog: A Final Boogie with MJ

published on 08.07.09

Well its official, Michael Jackson is dead and buried, and in his wake a Pop revival fit for only The King. I had a good ponder about how I felt about it and came to this conclusion: Michael Jackson wasn’t perfect, but in every essence of his being, from his music to how he lived his life, he touted being ‘simply human’ as our greatest gift and endeavoured to promote love, peace and healing amongst the human race. His contribution to music is unquestionable and will live on. Respect is due.
Whew! Having said all that, I’ve been watching the world mourn MJ with great interest, not least of all, bearing witness to how it affected people in the music industry and those around me. Within 24 hours of his death, clubs and bars around the world from London to South Africa, Japan and the US were offering tribute nights in his honour. Flash mob moonwalks were called to celebrate his moves and dozens of pairs of white socks peeked out from under skinny black trousers the first weekend his death took to the public’s hearts and headspace; either that or the guys in Shoreditch dress like that anyway...

Over the years his music has constantly been revived, remixed and filtered back into the charts, claiming top spots and turning dancefloors on their heads. Names like Frankie Knuckles, Daft Punk, Sharam Jey, Mowgli and The Freemasons are some of the guys in Dance music who’ve given new life to MJ’s music and in the process, passed his legacy onto the next generation that missed the ‘Beat It’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Billie Jean’ days the kids of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s grew up on.

So the hype is sure to die down a bit – some would say thank god, and I won’t lie I’m on the tipping point of it all myself! But as in music, all things must reach a final crescendo, so after scouring the web for a decent house-flavoured MJ tribute mix and coming up with nothing I would dare cast upon your soundly sensitive ears, I found this hit medley mix on PodOmatic which, in 25 minutes, should satisfy the urge if you have one. Pop it on during your lunch break and blame it on the boogie, then get back to the daily house grind, as you were...

Little Lexi x