published on 23.11.17

Camelphat & Elderbrook joined an exclusive club recently, the kind of club where entries come few and far between from an independent record label. The duo joined the list of artist's who have had Silver certified records on Defected in the UK, that’s 200,000 copies! an incredible achievement. Showing the popularity of the record, Cola also went Platinum in Ireland selling 15,000.

Lets take a look back at some of the other records which made it into the Silver club..

Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Defected) [Went Silver - 28/07/17]

'Get Get Down' is a record by American DJ/Producer Paul Johnson, the track was first released in 1999 and peaked within the top 10 outside of America in Belgium, France, Holland and the UK.

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Defected) [Went Silver - 20/07/01]

American house music icon Roger Sanchez was the man behind 'Another Chance' a record which would go on to become a worldwide hit. It was released in 2001 and was #1 in the UK for one week.

Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon Feat Katy B & MNEK - Freak Like Me (Defected/Ministry Of Sound) [Went Silver - 20/10/17)

This track went on some journey before eventually ending up in the format which saw it hit silver in the UK. The track was originally released back in 1996 by chicago legend DJ Deeon, after getting a remix in 2015 by Lee Walker and added vocals from Katy B, it went on to become a huge hit in the UK.

Storm Queen - Look Right Through (MK Remix) [Defected/Ministry Of Sound) [Went Silver - 22/11/13. Went Gold - 29/08/14] 

The track originally released in 2010 by American record producer Storm Queen went on to enter the UK top 40 in 2013 after a remix from house hero MK caught the imagination of young ravers all over the country.