Defected In The House Brazil '11

Defected In The House Brazil '11

published on 21.12.10

Brazil is about passion, powdery white sandy beaches, turquoise water, the micro bikini and music filled metropolises packed with culture and charm. This is a place where life gets celebrated with a five day carnival with intoxicating music and blinding colour. When we say that nowhere is the spirit of musical celebration more deeply entrenched within the local culture than Brazil, we mean it. The word is out that Brazil is now the place to party for hedonists everywhere, it literally has everything a fanatic would ask for with musically advanced venues like D-Edge and the Warung Beach Club, showcasing international DJs but also cultivating their own exceptional talent too. It cannot be disputed that Brazil is now playing host to an exciting and vibrant electronic music scene.
The dance scene is growing exponentially with new DJs, magazines, websites and radios stations developing all the time, and this summer Resident Advisor published an extensive Clubbing in Sao Paulo piece reflecting the rising importance of this scene.

Green Valley, Brazil

"Brazil is amazing Sao Paulo is a bubbling city" says Sandy Rivera "I’ve been to Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Burgos, Rio and even in the middle of the country it’s always a good party. I’m amazed about the number of places they have, and the big clubs are super clubs”.

After touring with various artists, we felt compelled to encapsulate the sound they experienced, rounding up all the best elements of the Brazilian house scene and creating ‘Defected In The House – Brazil 11’, the follow on release from exotic destinations such as Bali, Singapore, Miami and Goa.

To front the new project, we have drafted in a local hero DJ Memè (again one of the biggest DJ names to emerge from Brazil) as well as legendary producer Sandy Rivera who presents his first compilation after a five year absence.

Sandy Rivera

Sandy Rivera has produced more than a decade’s worth of floor shaking music including possibly the best known house music track ever - KOT's ‘Finally’ a new remix of which debuts on this very album. Other legendary dancefloor moments include 'Changes', ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Persuasion’ and recently his smash rework ‘Hide U’ also showcased on this release. Sandy is constantly producing and has weaved in his newest work ‘Take Me Back’ feat April, his next big single release and a track that follows in the soulful steps of ‘Finally’ with a newly discovered vocal talent and exclusive track to this compilation. 

On the mix there was one track he could not miss out "I put in a song by D Rashid feat Lex called ‘Empress ‘O Verão’. It’s a Brazilian song, sung in Brazilian it’s got the whole Brazilian feel with the percussion. The whole CD has gone through a long journey and that song comes in at the end, which is perfect".

For those of you new to DJ Memè, he is one of Brazil’s highest ranking House DJs and critically acclaimed remixer/producer who has worked with major artists; Shakira, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Dido, Ricky Martin and Des’ree. He is best known for producing beautiful emotional house laced with his signature live orchestral strings and disco flavours - think of him like a Brazilian Joey Negro or Dimitri from Paris. He has gone to the lengths of remixing Frankie Knuckles and The Shapeshifters ‘The Ones You Love’ and Fish Go Deep ‘The Cure and The Cause’ as exclusives on his mix.

DJ Meme

Altogether Brazil has shown itself to have one of the fastest growing and most exciting dance scenes in the world. Totally innovative and ultimately irresistible, you can get a little flavour of it right here.

Defected In The House Brazil '11 is out 31st January