Dimitri From Paris on Glitterbox

Dimitri From Paris on Glitterbox

published on 04.08.14

As one of the resident DJs this year, Dimitri From Paris has been one of the key ingredients in the Glitterbox mix, playing regularly to a packed dancefloor appreciative of his party-minded sets.

Now, as the season reaches its halfway point, and with several further appearances from Dimitri From Paris to look forward to, we bring you an hour of one of his live sets from Glitterbox at Booom Ibiza, as well as a few thoughts from the man himself.

Many of the people who have been to Glitterbox have said it’s like no other party on the island… what do you think it is that makes it stand out from everything else that’s going on?

It seems like there are two distinct sides of what clubbing is nowadays and in particular in Ibiza. Most of the big and famous clubs rely on a few very big name mainstream DJs. The kind even your granny hears about on the 8 o’clock news. They play the consensual, mostly EDM stuff and draw a large generic crowd that makes club owners happy. On the other end you have a few big venues that are following the new so called ‘Deep House’ trend which while far less commercial, tends to be only offering  an endless loop of trippy beats and breakdowns.

Personally, I've always favoured variety and feel good music, picking what I see fit from whatever the trends are. That means playing a few things clubbers can relate to: old, new, some unheard, some familiar, and even a few actual songs which people love singing along to. Glitterbox is this little place outside of the Ibiza formula where the DJs can feel free to communicate a happy party vibe: a space where throwing your hands in the air is not taboo. A place where people are smiling on the dancefloor

You’ve played at Glitterbox more than anyone else so far this season… how has the party developed since it started back in June?

Both Glitterbox and Booom are very young concepts. They have moved from a very local and intimate crowd to a more international one. As the word spreads that there's an alternative to the ubiquitous Ibiza sounds, the Glitterbox family gathers more and more extended members. 

Earlier this year you wrote about how contemporary producers are once again championing disco music… would you count Hercules & Love Affair among them? What did you make of their set at Glitterbox a couple of weeks back?

Absolutely, and that is why the band is featured on my latest House Of Disco compilation. Hercules & Love Affair harvest the soul of the original and more militant Disco and House and anchor it in our times. Their sound is emotional and heartfelt, and takes dancers to a higher spiritual level than the current faceless train of sterile beats. Their Glitterbox show mesmerized an unsuspecting audience, and I can't recommend them enough for people to discover.

Joey Negro recently said that there’s a real trend in Ibiza for a “druggy techno and house sound”… do you think that’s fair, and if so do you think there will be a backlash eventually, similar to what happened with minimal towards the end of the 00s?

When something becomes too ubiquitous people become invariably tired of it. I'm a music person, and in over 30 years of DJing I've always championed music with strong emotional, meaningful content. Time has taught me there will always be a new generations of clubbers seeking music they can enjoy as much as they can remember.

Finally, please sum up the Glitterbox experience in three words…

Party. Emotion. Togetherness.

Glitterbox is at Booom Ibiza every Saturday throughout the season - click for full event listings and tickets

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