Get To Know: Folamour

Get To Know: Folamour

published on 07.02.18

An intriguing French DJ and producer with a unique ability for storytelling

French DJ and producer Folamour captured our attention with his ‘The Power and The Blessing of Unity EP’ on Glitterbox Recordings last August. The sublime record is a stunning demonstration of Folamour’s depth of knowledge and delicate style with a futuristic flair that still holds on to the core values of classic disco imprints. 

Folamour is the co-founder of Moonrise Hill Material, a Lyon-based record label, producing poetic house music. In 2015, the maestro started the label alongside friends Ethyène, Kaffe Crème and Okwa. A year later, he started his own record label FHUO (For Heaven Use Only) whose sound he describes as “jazz from outta space”. The passionate performer is well known for his immense presence behind the decks, last year making a memorable appearance at Dimensions Festival in Croatia and completing the Australian leg of his album tour.

“My town, and we could say the same about France, is not much into house music, funk, soft vibes and poetic atmosphere, and more into industrial music. It forced me into finding out that I don't care what people could expect from me. It humbly made me free I think,”
he told Ransom Note.

Since Folamour’s first ever recording ‘Deeply Rooted Vibes EP’ released in 2014, his production style evolved from a deep euphoric vibe to a sunnier feel-good sound. In 2017, his fully-developed production style landed him on Glitterbox’s radar and ‘The Power and The Blessing of Unity EP’ came into existence with an uplifting title track featuring glorious soul vocals. ‘Home Beyond The Clouds’ has funky bass chords and ‘Island Of Recent Father’ drops the tempo a notch with saturated synths.


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Umami, his most recent album released on vinyl by Moonrise Hill Material last year (and subsequently digitally on Classic Music Company), features captivating Japanese style artwork by Parade Studio -  a nod to his fascination with oriental culture. The LP combines down-tempo beats, disco, jazz and swing to form an album that has its place on the dancefloor as much as it’s a more personal listening experience. ‘Devoted To U’, a ten minute long arrangement, takes the listener on a journey through Folamour’s narrative style – opening with oriental strings and moving through a hypnotic melody of intricate wind instruments, gradually losing pace before coming full circle again.


Folamour’s attention to detail, signature blissed-out house sound and unique storytelling ability makes him such an intriguing and engaging artist; prepare to be very impressed with what he comes up with next. 

You can catch Folamour playing at Defected Croatia 2018 and check out 'Umami' below... 

Follow Folamour on; Twitter @folamourbb, Instagram @folamour_fhuo, Facebook (/folamourmusic) & Soundcloud (/folamour)