Dennis Ferrer featuring Janelle Kroll - Mind Ur Step

Dennis Ferrer featuring Janelle Kroll - Mind Ur Step

published on 20.06.13

Dennis Ferrer drops a deep vocal bomb on Defected

The latest in an impressive run of releases, Dennis Ferrer’s new record ‘Mind Ur Step’ sees the renowned producer team up with Chicago’s Janelle Kroll with exquisite results.

The production on the record is as impressive as we’ve come to expect from Ferrer. Fiercely modulated bass throbs lead the way while twisted percussion and neon synths flick playfully in and out of the mix, leaving Kroll to deliver the emotional punch with her powerful vocal. Highly original, this is unlike anything Ferrer has previously produced yet undeniably bears his indelible stamp of quality.

Check out the promo edit here:

Mind Ur Step (Original Mix) is out mid-July Defected Records

Dennis Ferrer plays Sankey Ibiza Saturday 22nd June for Defected In The House - full lineup details here