Noir In The House

Noir In The House

published on 10.12.12

Noir leads the field into 2013.

This year has been a truly exceptional one for us over here at Defected, and so to keep the momentum going and start things with an almighty bang in 2013, we're proud to be working with one of dance music's very brightest stars.

For lovers of house and techno, Noir should really need no introduction. Unquestionably one of the most talented electronic artists in the world, through his highly energetic DJ sets, sublime productions and acclaimed label Noir Music he has tirelessly built a reputation as a leader in his field.

The cyclical nature of dance music – and house in particular – is often discussed, and has never been more apparent than it is today. Influences from the past being incorporated into the new production techniques of the modern era has become ever-more prevalent, and has arguably left the electronic music scene in as good a shape as it has ever been, as Noir himself professes.

“I like the way things are constantly moving forward and evolving” he admits. “My ears tend to quickly get tired of one sound and 3-4 years ago I felt the scene was in poor shape, with not that many artists and labels moving forward. Now, people are experimenting and everything is sparkling again.

“Being involved in the scene for many years and a big vinyl freak back in the 90s I am of course thrilled about the garage sound and techno with soul elements getting their re-run now.”

The evolution of these classic sounds is something that Noir has explored in depth on this new mix compilation. Favouring “overlooked gems” and some of his “secret weapons” over the ‘latest and greatest’, Defected Presents Noir In The House exemplifies the flair that Noir injects into each of his live sets, distilling the experience into 120-odd minutes of flawlessly mixed house and techno. 

CD1 kicks off with the sounds of legendary French hedonists dOP and their inimitable ‘Kisses’, before moving through Nick Curly’s flawless ‘Underground’, the shimmering atmosphere and muted keys of Kevin Over’s ‘Hood Funk’ and the stunning Gorge remix of AFFKt’s ‘Jalaka’. Also included is Noir’s band new and exclusive remix of Intruder’s ‘Amame’, stripping things back to a hypnotic groove and bringing the unique vocal to the fore.

Various Artists - Noir In The House album sampler is out 17th December

Things get off to a bass-heavy start on CD2 with Nina Kraviz’s ‘Pain In The Ass (Lewis Boardman’s Greatest Pain In The Ass Remix) and the ubiquitous Hot Since 82 remix of Yousef’s ‘Beg’ setting the tone for the remainder of the mix. Tim Green contributes an original record and remix in quick succession with 'Reed' and his interpretation of Claudia Lovisa’s 'Nightrider', before Noir drops the second of his exclusive remixes, this time deftly re-working Jason Jinx’s classic 'Your First Time' for today’s dancefloors.    

“The tracks were not chosen because of great sales, popularity, artist names or hype” concludes Noir. “They are simply chosen by passion and love for the underground club music. “Hopefully you will fall in love like I did when I heard them for the first time.”

Noir In The House is out now

Noir plays Electric Brixton for Defected In The House this New Year’s Eve alongside Dennis Ferrer, Deetron, Copyright, Simon Dunmore and Sam Divine. Click here for tickets


01. dOP 'Kisses' (Original Mix)                                                            
02. Nick Curly 'Underground'                                                               
      Nick Curly 'Underground' (Noir's Aha Vocal Tool)      
03. Noir 'Are One' (Noir In The House Edit)        
      Intruder (A Murk Production) featuring Jei 'Amame'
      (Spoken Word Acapella)                                                                         
04. Intruder (A Murk Production) featuring Jei 'Amame'
      (Noir Is In The House Remix)                                                   
      Intruder (A Murk Production) featuring Jei 'Amame'
      (Amame Accapella)                                                                   
05. Paolo Rocco 'That I Am'                                                 
06. Kevin Over 'Hood Funk' (Original Mix)                         
      Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress
      'Feel The Muzik' (Loopapella)                                                      
07. Santé vs MD X-Spress 'This Is House'                          
08. Hollis P Monroe featuring Overnite 'If You Have A Doubt'
      (Argy Vocal Mix)                                                             
09. Sandy Rivera 'Changes' (Original Mix)                        
      Noir 'Satisfied' (Aih apella)                                                             
10. Noir 'Satisfied' (House Vocal Mix)                                 
      Ben Watt 'Lone Cat' (Holding On) (Acapella)                               
11. Maya Jane Coles 'What They Say' (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
12. Pele & Shawnecy 'Focus' (Original Mix)                       
13. Affkt 'Jakla' (Gorge Remix)                                                             
14. Nick Harris 'Situation' (Redux Vocal)            
01. Nina Kraviz 'Pain In The Ass' (Lewis Boardman’s
     Greatest Pain In The Ass Remix)                                                                
02. Audiofly and Close Sense 'Gonzo'                                                
03. Ilario Liburni 'Crapkin'                                                     
      Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress 'Do Yo'
      (House Dance) (Accapella)                                                            
04. Yousef 'Beg' (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)                         
05. Claudia Lovisa 'Nightrider' (Tim Green Remix)                            
06. Tim Green 'Reed'                                             
      Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress
      'Feel The Muzik’  (Loopapella)                                      
07. Will Monotone 'Fiona'                                    
08. Rampa & Re.You 'The Track'                                          
09. Mike Star ft Mama 'Love Away' (Douglas Greed Remix)              
10. Phil Kieran & White Noise Sound 'Never Believed'
      (Noir Remix)                                                                               
11. Noir & Fraser Owen '&U' (Original Mix)                        
12. Shlomi Aber 'We Dont Fit' (Original Mix)                      
13. Ramon Tapia 'Beat Toy' (Original Mix)                         
      Gel Abril 'Spells of Yoruba' (Accapella)                         
14. Jason Jinx featuring Paul Alexander 'Your First Time'
     (Noir’s 2013 Pull)                                                                  
      Jason Jinx featuring Paul Alexander 'Your First Time'
     (The First Time You Felt House Tool)                                                
15. Mikalogic 'Supernova' (Original Mix)