Pablo Fierro - I Want It

Pablo Fierro - I Want It

published on 15.01.13

A Tenerife-residing musician, producer, singer and songwriter, Pablo Fierro is a ferocious young talent with past productions and remixes coming out on such respected labels as King Street and I Records.

Here, after a well-received remix for London production duo Copyright, Pablo delivers his debut release for Defected in the form of I Want It; a slow burning bass thumper with a catchy vocal that you’ll no doubt have stuck in your head for months. As early in the year as it comes, it’s sure to be going to be one of the big vocal records of the Miami season and into the summer.

In the week that sees the release of his latest single, we caught up with Fierro for a quick chat.

Tell us about your musical upbringing, are you classically trained in any instruments?

When I was growing up my house was always filled with music. My Dad plays guitar, piano and other instruments, my mother taught guitar and my brother Juan Fierro was the one who got me into this world of electronic music. From an early age I was always a bad student, always suspended, so over time I stared to see a future in music and started to learn to play instruments on my own.

You work with a number of other producers on a regularly basis ... Has this how you helped develop your talents?

I think in this world of music you always have to be open-minded. You can learn from everyone. I have had the opportunity to work with many producers whom I have learned a lot and I hope to continue doing it.

You've already written over 1000 songs, what's the secret to your prolificacy?

There is no secret, the only thing is to love what you do. 17 hours a day I am in the studio, listen to all kinds of music and doing work for advertising and film music. In these fields you must be open and be as complete as possible, because you are producing brand new music for a wide variety of purposes.

Are there any records of which you are particularly proud?

Each release in the bag is like a son to me, and who as a parent would not be proud of his son!

Tell us about the new release for Defected… was there any particular inspiration behind the track?

It is a work of which I am very proud. At the time I wrote the track, I simply grabbed the mic and I got carried away by the rhythm and bass. It's my way to express myself, so the song writing happened very fast. I consider it a privilege that Defected has released this record and I want to thank Luke [Solomon] and Simon [Dunmore] for giving me this opportunity.

How important is live instrumentation in your productions?

It is very difficult to draw souls to a virtual instrument, so I think that the real instruments, live, have manage to convey what people look for in a song, it’s soul.

What else do you have lined up for 2013?

This year 2013 I am working with Sandra Gonzalez on our label Life Records. We took nine months and are very pleased with the results that are coming out. You can check out some of the records on our Soundcloud page.  Having the support of people like Louie Vega, AtJazz, Osunlade and others is an absolute pleasure.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about ...?

To thank everyone for the music, the people who follow me. I would like to leave a message and motivate young people to start creating and all wish you a happy 2013.

I Want It is out now on Defected Records