published on 25.11.16

You know the music, you know the vibe and you know the DJs...

Ahead of December 10th, we want to introduce you to the some of the incredible people who make Glitterbox so special, and will be joining us at Ministry Of Sound for our final party of 2016.


Kalypso Bang

Why is Glitterbox important to you? I really believe in the energy, the message and the colour it brings to club culture. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Artistic, Charismatic and Passionate. What does the connection between fashion and music mean to you? To me, I see the connection simply as an artistic exploration of self-expression. As one influences the other, together they help influence everything else.


Jono Kitchens

What is the best club you’ve ever been in? I never thought I would be into the whole Ibiza scene, but my first experience with Glitterbox at Space nightclub changed my whole perception. The music, the crowd, the lights, the confetti - nothing but good vibes! How does it feel being the creator of Hot Heels? I feel honoured, it's an exhilarating experience watching people’s reactions to our visual aesthetic. Who is your idol? MADONNA. Cliché? Maybe, but my Aunt gave me a copy of The Immaculate Collection when I was 6 and it was the moment I turned into a homosexual. I met Madonna when I was 11 years old and I still haven’t gotten over it!



How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Spiritual. Musical. Universal. Why is Glitterbox so important to you? On so many levels, it touches a musical, original and soul-pleasing spirit. It pays homage to so much great music that influences so much of the music that keeps us on the dancefloor today. What do drums mean to you? Playing the drums helps me to manifest the universal rhythm of life. It defines the heartbeat and pulse of all and everything. To be playing the drums in front of a crowd of dancing people helps to create the most ancient and tribal connection in a futuristic world. I LOVE IT!


Chester Hayes

How does being on stage make you feel? I feel like a belong there. What has been your best Glitterbox moment? I will never forget dancing on the podium at Glitterbox opening 2016 at Space. Dimitri From Paris was playing a euphoric set and all the dancers were in perfect synchronicity. What is the best club you’ve ever been in? NYC Downlow @ Glastonbury.


Leah Timmins
(Pictured middle right)

What is the ethos behind your dancing family? We are a family with the same perspective; we all love what we do and do what we love. If you find something you love to do and be paid for it, then you'll never work a day in your life! Why is Glitterbox important to you? It stands out above the predictable and for that reason of authenticity it will always be important to me by creating something unique and different. How does dancing make you feel? Dancing to me is a catharsis, it helps me give vent to my creativity, emotion and expression.


Lauren Sullivan

Why is Glitterbox important to you? I love Glitterbox because it's a fun party full of energy. The crowd are always having a great time and singing along to the music. And when the energy from everyone else is high, it keeps my energy up and spirits high. What has been your best Glitterbox moment? The closing party 2016. All the dancers and the drag queens came out to the stage and we were all just jumping around having fun. And a few of us threw in a couple sneaky splits, lol.


The Mirror Men

What was the influence to start Mirror Men? We are professional dancers in different dance companies and performed on many stages. In our path we always had a little crush for 'Club Culture'. The Mirror Man character was created by an Austrian artist for a gallery performance, we were impressed and decided to adapt it as a dance character for night clubs, because it reminded us of a disco ball. If you could bring any disco legend back to experience Glitterbox, who would it be? Earth Wind and Fire.


Natalia Luty

Our cover girl for the latest Glitterbox album 'For Your Disco Pleasure', which is out now and available HERE digitally and HERE if you'd prefer a physical copy.