Super Sharp Shooters: Tony 'TK' Smith

Super Sharp Shooters: Tony 'TK' Smith

published on 07.07.09

Presenting the first in a series of features profiling some of the most prolific photographers from the house music scene. Over the coming week's we will be interviewing some of the many people snapping you at various clubs, festivals and events all over the world.

We start with Tony 'TK' Smith, a relative newcomer to the game but one with the eye and enthusiasm to go far...

So Tony who are you and what do you do?

I’m Tony AKA TK hence the name Tony TK Smith. I am originally from West London now living in the SE of London. By profession I am a 3D Character Animator.

How would you describe yourself as a photographer? What makes you different ?

I would describe myself as somebody who loves to capture the moment. Having a strong understanding of house music allows me to be prepared for what's about to come in people's behaviour. I also find capturing an image of someone who may not be aware of what you are doing, will very often bring fantastic results as the pictures then look more natural.

You’re relatively new to photography, what made you want to pursue it?

I have to say it is a very,  very new hobby which I have only recently started. Having a digital arts background makes me highly creative and fascinated with the DSLR camera. I am always looking for new approaches in taking photos which I find to be very addictive and exciting. I also find it very easy to communicate with people, which allows me to get the results I am looking for. What got me started was that a really good friend of mine passed on some comments about my photos and it kind of kick started my interest.

Tell us about some of your favourite shots, and the places & events where you have been snapping.

I enjoy pictures that have a lot of movements, vibrant colours and atmosphere. Sometime you will find that this isn't always the case but using a little improvisation and imagination will do the trick. I have currently only been shooting in the UK and the South of France as I have started only recently.

Firstly working with the likes of MN2S 14th birthday@ matter with David Morales and Todd Terry was simply inspiring. These boys are true legends in the house music scene. This particular night was packed with lots of anthems going from classics through to the latest tracks.

Gilles Peterson - Worldwide Festival Launch Party. This night was another fantastic night. All the big names such as Gilles Peterson, Peter Kruder, Stereotyp (live), The bPM, Freerange - Jimpster, Pash Ostovar were all present with their unique eclectic sounds. Jimpster played the best deep and soulful House which was truly amazing and creating a fantastic atmosphere! It was a real pleasure to cover that night.

Last of all Strictly Rhythm 20th Anniversary Boat Party was electric. We were given first of all an absolute blinding warm session by Ben Westbeech with a truly unique style of playing. We then moved onto the great man himself Osunlade who sent the crowd wild. Finally we had the pleasure of The Martinez Brother who absolutely rocked the boat until we had reached our destination back at the London Eye. The party continued at the ministry of sound where the boys did it all over again but also included Simon Dunmore, Chocolate Puma, Aaron Ross, Phat Phil Cooper and Russ Cuban.

These are the top 3 events I have covered which have been truly inspiring, giving me the motivation to continue my journey in photography.

Check out Tony's Strictly Rhythm 20th Anniversary boat party pictures right here