In Their House #044 - Cuebur

In Their House #044 - Cuebur

published on 10.04.14

South African producer and DJ Cuebur has been transforming the local musical landscape with his unique taste for RnB, house and traditional African rhythms.

Having shared the stage with Euphonik and Gregor Salto and released his debut ‘I See You EP’ with fellow countryman, Victor Duplaix, Cuebur's debut album will be released soon on Soul Heaven Records.

Beautifully diverse in influences and with each track produced by Cuebur himself, his In Their House mix is loaded with jazzy, percussion-driven tracks.

Thanks for taking part in the series… what have you been up to recently?

Just finished producing Andyboi's debut album, and now I'm working on a couple of projects within Soulcandi. I’m also working on a new single from Bucie titled ‘All Of Me’ and some other collaborations.

Defected are about to release your debut artist album via Soul Heaven… why do you think the label is a good fit for the LP?

Both Soulcandi and Defected compliment the sound I create, and both are really good labels. Defected has a wider audience, and I think they will help expand my sound.

Would you describe the music you make as typical of a South African ‘sound’ in house, if indeed such a thing exists?

Well I wouldn't call it typical, but I am influenced by what's happening in the SA house scene today.

Tell us about the mix… Where and how was it recorded?

The mix was recorded at Cuebur Music Studios late at night. That’s always a great time because that's where I'm most creative. The mix includes some new and exclusive tunes, mostly from up-and-coming artists. The production is 100% by me.

Any tracks in particular that you’d like to highlight?

Quite a number of them actually!  The first track is one of my personal favourites, Cuebur ‘Meu E Semente’, and the third track is a remix I did for Soul Heaven, Jose Burgos feat. Kenny Bobien ‘For Your Love (Cuebur remix)’.  I also like the fifth track, ‘Bucie’ and my remix of Copyright ‘Cross My Heart’. All of them are produced by myself and Andyboi.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I have ‘The Floor EP’ coming up and also a couple of remix projects and collaborations.

Anything else you’d like to tell us…?

I will be in London from the 18 till the 23 April. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Mix tracklisting:

1. Cuebur - Meu E Semente
2. Cuebur & The Lamberti Boyz - Choreographed Love
3. Jose Burgos feat. Kenny Bobien - For Your Love (Cuebur Remix)
4. Cuebur feat. Marissa Guzman - No Doubt (Andyboi Remix)
5. Bucie - All Of Me
6. Andyboi - Nkarabe
7. Copyright - Cross My Heart (Cuebur Remix)
8. Mbuso Khoza - Asoze Ngakulibala (Cuebur Sentimental Mix)
9. Andyboi - Emhlabeni
10. Cuebur - Take Me To Cuba