This Is My House:
Mark Fanciulli

This Is My House:
Mark Fanciulli

published on 08.04.15

Presenting the first of a new series in which we ask producers, DJs and electronic artists to pick out the records that define their ‘house’.

First up, former Saved artist and current DFTD favourite Mark Fanciulli makes his personal selection.  

The best produced house record

Colourblind ‘Nothing Better’ (TMVS Club mix)

In my opinion there aren’t many better produced house records than the TMVS Club mix of Colourblind's ‘Nothing Better’. It possesses a lot of incredibly high production values. There are so many different elements to the record all playing an amazing part, but between all of them is great separation (most likely down to a great mix down) so everything can be heard clearly without fighting for space. I played it as my last record recently at a gig in Lyon and people were going crazy for it.

The first house record I ever heard

Alison Limerick ‘Where Love Lives’

To be honest, I can’t say with absolute certainty that this was the very first house record I heard, but I do remember listening ‘Where Love Lives’ on the radio a long time ago, probably mid-nineties when I was still pretty young. The piano in that track is just incredible: it’s definitely one that has stuck.

The track I play most in my sets

Didier Sinclair ‘Lovely Flight’

This is a record that simply works whenever I play it and it can pretty much be played anywhere: early, late or mid-set. Over the years I have played it many times, but I am finding a place for it in my sets more and more frequently at the moment.

The track that makes me feel at home

Solu Music ‘Fade’

‘Fads’ is just beautifully made music, with an amazing vocal, piano and warm, spacey pads. The first time I heard it was in a car on the way back from clubbing in London. Me and a friend played it continuously all the way home over and over again on repeat for like an hour and yes, we were sober. I think that it possesses the same high end production values as the Colourblind record.

The first house track I ever made

Mark Fanciulli ‘High’

I remember making this track a long time ago and when I finished it I sent this and ‘The Tide’ to Joris Voorn to consider for Rejected. I initially thought that if Joris was going to take either of them he would go with ‘High’. However in the end he went for the ‘Tide’, which surprised me. After a few tweaks from him it became the first track that launched me into the scene, but I still have fond memories of ‘High’, for obvious reasons. 

DFTD VLM03 mixed by Mark Fanciulli
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