Yass Man

Yass Man

published on 01.07.09

Yass released his debut Defected track ‘My Only’ more than a year ago to an awesome reaction form house fans across the globe. Since then he’s been relatively quiet on the production front, with only his cover of the Prince classic ‘When Doves Cry’ breaking his studio silence. Now he’s back with a new EP – we caught up with the French soul boy to get the lowdown…

Tell us what you’ve been up to for the last few months...

Since Miami WMC, I’ve been working on my last tracks to finish the releases package before summer...and I was preparing my DJ sets, collecting promos and CDs to be ready for my summer tour.

Your gig schedule has really picked up pace of late – any standout gigs?

Yeah, I’m definitely busy for the summer, mostly in Europe.  During summer, Europe is the best place for parties of the world! The Defected booking agency has organised me a nice little tour! I feel myself ready for a new House music crusade. The only gig I have outside Europe is in Japan (Club Air, Tokyo) - I’m really happy to be playing there; the response of the crowd is amazing!

Tell us about the new EP…

Myself and my studio partner have been working on some tracks since last summer. We proposed a package to Defected containing two original songs called ‘No Lies’; one more gospel house and the other one deeper included some dubs and remixes. We revisited the two songs in different moods to reach different scenes and dancefloors, going from deep, soulful mixes to more pumping versions...

So you’re all about the truth at the moment..?

I’m exploring different faces of house music, just for fun, but I always try to keep my work close to the roots of the music. Keeping it simple, true and full of House!

Are you playing out in Ibiza this season? When did you first visit the White Isle?

Yes of course, like every year. I’ve been going there for a long time now. Even if it’s not the best place for soulful house lovers, it’s still a good place to meet up some friends, test tracks and experiment on the dancefloors. I had my first gig at Pacha last year for the Defected party, which was an amazing experience.

The current trend in dance music seems to be shifting away from techno and minimal back to house…do you think this shift is inevitable?

Absolutely, I see it moving fast. I think we just had a transitional time in the industry and in club movement.  I feel DJs are now fed up playing the same tracks inspired by 90’s dance and pop music . The sounds are changing, back to real and more sincere values, using the new production technologies to incorporate techno and minimal sounds back into house records.

And you make house records, so it’s a good movement for you right?

Of course, I keep myself ready on the front line. I’m happy to have tested and played many styles of electronic music – it’s good experience as a DJ, pushing me in a positive way. I love playing with vocal parts, writing songs and playing with the format and structure of tracks.  My heart is deeply rooted in House music...

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

I’ll have a new release on Defected after summer called ‘All to Me’ with the talented singer Jay Sebag. I’ve produced a new project to be release on Kerri Chandler’s label (Grei Matter), I also remixed a Kenny Bobien song for Kingstreet. I have a tons of demos to finish in studio and I’m specially cooking two new singles, one follow up with Jay Sebag and new Yass vocal track. I’ll probably tour as well outside of Europe at the end of 2009.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about..?

Thanks to Aaron Ross from Defected...to be continued!

'No Lies EP' is out on Defected on the 6th July.