Established 17 years ago, Defected Records’ success was immediate; their very first release – Soulsearcher’s ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ – reached #8 in the UK singles charts, forming the foundation for the label's future successes and musical direction. Soon after came a #1 single in the shape of Roger Sanchez's 'Another Chance', and the successes have continued to flow in, placing Simon in a unique position of influence and authority. In fact, his years of hard work were acknowledged at the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza in 2012, when he picked up the Outstanding Achievement award.

The recipe for success has been simple and effective; a good helping of adaptability and sprinklings of young talent together with a slice of established names mixed with a staunch belief in Dunmore’s core ethos and never waning from that outlook to try and cater for what’s considered ‘trendy’. It has helped Defected to amass a loyal clientele who understand exactly what the label stands for, quality house music for a wider audience. This includes the sub-label, DFTD, which supports the next generation of up-and-coming underground producers.

“Young people are migrating from the commerciality of dance music, the more underground techno side can often be too serious, so there’s room in what you might call the discernable side of house, and that’s where we’re at” says founder and A&R Director Simon Dunmore. The way in which electronic music has exploded and evolved in recent times has undoubtedly benefitted the label, but it’s Simon’s leadership that has kept Defected above water and heading in the right direction.

In 2014 the label celebrated 15 years in the business with a huge global tour, which was followed by the Defected's 500th release in 2016 and the inaugural Defected Festival in Tisno, Croatia.

On top of all of this, Simon’s other venture, Glitterbox, played host to the legendary Terrace at Space Ibiza on Friday nights, for the last ever season of the iconic club as we know it. Along with appearances at We Are FSTVL, Glitterbox has also hosted nights at Ministry of Sound, ADE,  and release its fourth Ibiza compilation, selected and mixed by Simon himself.

“We started Glitterbox because I was speaking to people or people were getting in touch with me saying: ‘Where can we go? Everything’s either very dark and techno or super, super commercial and VIP’, and Ibiza seems to have forgotten about what made Ibiza special in the early days, music being eclectic. We offer something, musically, alternative to what else is being offered on the island.”

So Simon and the label continue their forward motion, adapting, evolving and paving their own way in a business where few enterprises have lasted so long while maintaining their integrity. It’s an approach that continues to put Simon and his work a step ahead of the rest, resulting in 17 years of outstanding, inspired house music and momentous parties that never fail to outdo themselves year on year.