LP Giobbi Χ Bklava
Sinner (Femme House Remixes)

As a champion of new talent, LP Giobbi's gender-expansive organisation Femme House recently shined a light on fresh music by even fresher artists by holding a remix competition for her collaborative release with Bklava: 'Sinner'. One of D4 D4NCE's biggest releases to date, the original was a favourite of BBC Radio 1 DJs earlier this year, with Pete Tong crowning it his Essential New Tune and the track securing daytime playlist on the station. In the first of four competition-winning remixes, Baby Weight toys with echoed fragments whilst giving Bklava's strong soulful vocals space to breathe over a deep and wobbly bassline. As the track builds, the Washington label boss/producer teases a bright and spacey Euro-dance-like interlude before the thick wonky bass smashes us down to earth, epitomising Baby's signature 'chunky' style. Relative newcomer Cahoots takes inspiration from the electronic world of gritty basement clubs, giving this competition-winning remix of 'Sinner' a deep-house treatment permeated by a disco-inspired bassline. Cahoot's reimagining is playful, with distorted vocals ricocheting off the walls, transforming the track from bright summer bop to tech-house terror. LA-based Jill Stanley presents a bright and vibrant competition-winning remix of 'Sinner', adding a deep synth bassline that bounces around the room. The law professor turned house DJ takes the track's bubbly energy and decorates it with sprinkles of frenetic electronic percussion, as landscapes of noise build to a clean and satisfying shuffle that promises to keep you moving. Blessing 'Sinner' with a faster tempo and syncopated synth bass, Josh Hunter keeps the club on their toes in this competition-winning remix that shows off the producer's fun-loving nature. Echoes build as we approach the simple yet effective drop, proving that this Brighton-based producer is 'not afraid' to keep the music classic.


  Track Artist
Sinner (Jill Stanley Extended Remix)
LP Giobbi Χ Bklava
Sinner (Cahoots Extended Remix)
LP Giobbi Χ Bklava
Sinner (Baby Weight Extended Remix)
LP Giobbi Χ Bklava
Sinner (Josh Hunter Extended Remix)
LP Giobbi Χ Bklava

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