Began in 1994 as a label with an experimental attitude to music, Classic Music Co. showed no signs of slowing down at Saturday’s Pride event in collaboration with Percolate in London... Due largely to the continued work of founder Luke Solomon at the helm, and the wide range of artists such as label friends Horse Meat Disco and worldwide superstar Honey Dijon, Classic united its family under one rainbow flag to champion acceptance, love and equality, three virtues that have always been at its core.  

Hosted at E1 just a stone’s throw from the Tower of London, Classic’s Pride party line-up included Luke Solomon himself, along with Michelle Manetti, Super Drama, Horse Meat Disco and of course, Honey Dijon, providing a masterclass on everything funky, wonky, and downright freaky house, with a splash of disco for the mood of the hour. Here are some of our top tracks we heard: 

Dirty Wrong - Jasper James 

Soulful, edgy and smooth, nothing could be a more apt metaphor for Michelle Manetti’s opening set. Ruling the decks in front of a crowd of revellers sun-soaked from a day of joyful celebration all over London, they collected as one to continue the party. Here’s a Manetti-style curveball that hit the bullseye, throwing the crowd instantly into a warm, steamy bath of jazz. 

Blue Suit - White Label Will

You know a Luke Solomon set when one of two things happen. Either the lights go out almost completely, suspending an eager crowd into darkness, or you hear the thumping roar of White Label Will creeping out of the speakers. Uncaged, it was here that the crowd at E1 realised exactly what they were in for. T-shirts were removed, jackets slung into corners. Everything got a little bit more camp, and the spirit of Pride came truly alive. 


This was a clear standout for the night, and one that was so infused with the message of Pride you could actually feel Franklin’s spirit living on. Aretha was a proud woman and a supporter of LGBT causes; it was purely wondrous to see so much love and light still ricocheting from her voice. A legacy that will be hard to match, and Solomon did the lady justice, carrying on her message. 

From Paris To Strasburg - Demuir

A swirling, simmering pot of disco, how do you elevate a bass-driven moment of fury into an empowering anthem? Classic meets contemporary when mixed with an accapella of Lizzo’s ‘Juice’. Called ‘the most patriotic song of 2019’ by Wired, there is nothing more on-trend for a Pride event than lyrics that scream self-acceptance through the reflection to you. Lizzo has become known for her LGBT and her body-positivity messages, which made these cuts a perfect pair to pause the heat and bring back a bit of L.O.V.E.

Right Here (Hot Since 82 Remix) - Rudimental feat. Foxes

For casual fans, it can be sometimes a little daunting to enter a new venue and hear nothing that sounds familiar. Honey Dijon caters for everyone, though, and blasted this remix right through the air like a knife halfway into her 2.5 hour set. Another example of how a Honey Dijon set is a game-changer for not just house and disco, but for every song you’d never expect to hear. 

I Feel Love - Donna Summer

You think you know a song. And then, you head to a Pride event deep in the heart of London’s house scene, expecting to hear something fresh, exciting, but never, ever to witness Honey Dijon turning the disco of Donna Summer into a fire-fuelled frenzy. Mama’s cooking a spicy dish and Summer’s voice transcends through keys as she elevates the room to heaven for a brief moment.

Revolution (Deep In Jersey Extended) - Harry Romero

There’s no better song to follow the grace of Summer than the deep underground of Harry Romero’s latest release on DFTD. Known to be a hub of darker, dirtier house, one of the label’s arguably more popular songs among jockeys has been doing the rounds recently, and instantly whirls its vicinity into a wrestling ring of bass and drum machines. When hearing this expect to rub shoulders and hips with those closest to you.

Bless Me Today (Phonk D Remix) - Alan Dixon

Ethereal, heavenly, weightless. Just what you can expect from a Sunday, a little bit of faith. Listen, and you’ll understand. 

Only The Strong Survive (Re-Edit) - Billy Paul

A true history lesson, this song surfaced in 1977 and proved just as poignant and pragmatic as ever. True music never dies, and is only waiting to find the right ears again. With one lasting message, ‘get down, keep on holding on’, I can think of no better space to wave hello to this track again. Welcome home, Billy.  

John’s Church - Oliver Dollar featuring Nils Orhmann 

Bringing electro funk and bags of old-school soul, this Classic 2019 track is just one of 14 songs on Dollar’s album Another Day Another Dollar, showcasing the breadth of his expertise. Challenging the status quo with sound, no other track tonight embodies the art, and importance, of revolution. And isn’t that one of the core meanings of Pride itself? 

I Don’t Have A Drum Machine - Yuksek

A recent Classic release, Yuksek’s latest track is a new staple for the house community. Giving you just enough time to gather your thoughts and check you still have your keys, I Don’t Have A Drum Machine will heal and energise you for just a couple of hours. This song was played near 5am to a packed-out room of the same people that had been there since doors opened. How’s that for family loyalty? 

Calling Out (David Penn Remix) - Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown

Another Classic favourite, the start of this signalled the sound of the summer still to come. A moment for the crowd to reflect upon a night well spent, blink twice and hug who’s closest. What's not to love about this thumping gospel house anthem?

Got 2 Be Loved - Soul Reductions

Whether in Classic, Glitterbox, or at 10am of the living room at an afters, there is no place this track can’t call home. There are two types of people in the world; those who have never been to a Classic Music Co. party, and those who have. 

Just One More - The Juan Maclean

And that’s how it goes, isn’t it? Stood there, at the end of the night, a strong sense of outside sunlight so bright you can almost feel it through the walls, wishing for ‘just one more’? Classic is your friend, the crowd are your family, and for tonight... the dance floor has become your home.