The organisers of the Bloc festival have announced a series of 10 parties starting in March and heading through to June.

The first event at a new but undisclosed venue in east London, will boast a headline appearance from the Detroit legend Juan Atkins in his Model 500 guise.

The following parties will then feature the likes of FXHE boss Omar S, Shakleton and Appleblim, Marshall Jefferson, Cosmin TRG, Surgeon and Man Parish.

The final event, with Green Velvet, happens on June 1.

Here are the dates in full:

Mar 9 – Model 500
Mar 30 – Omar S
Mar 31 – L.I.E.S. - Ron Morrel and Steve Summers
Apr 19 – Shackleton and Appleblim
Apr 21 – Bodyhammer with Marshall Jefferson
May 4 – Egyptian Lover & Beverly Hills 808303 (aka I-F)
May 5 – 50 Weapons – Cosmin TRG
May 25 – Surgeon, Scion & Tikiman
May 26 – Man Parish Vs DJ Stingray
Jun 1 – Green Velvet

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Controversy struck the Bloc crew last year, when its event at the London Pleasure Gardens was shut down just hours after it opened due to overcrowding.

While many were refunded their tickets, some remain out of pocket. "Like we said in our statement back in September, we're so sorry that everyone was let down." They said in an interview with Resident Advisor last week. "As soon as we were able, we published that detailed and lengthy statement, with clear instructions on how to apply for a refund.

"The vast majority of ticket-holders have now been refunded via this method. As was reported last week, there are still ongoing legal proceedings that relate to the whole affair - with the best will in the world we cannot go into any more detail than we already have."