Date: October 28th
Format: CD & Digital

Claptone is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. But there is no denying the impact on the global groove made by this otherworldly artiste. Claptone constantly circles the planet, only landing to deliver communion at special gatherings of electronic music fans. Fans who often appear wearing a golden mask themselves to pay homage to his message; cloak yourselves in anonymity and lose yourselves in the music. No doubt: Claptone has the world under his spell. 

The clamour to recreate his nightly encounters with the crowds, his comprehensive club experiences and the joyous feelings of the first season of his own event has led to the creation of "The Masquerade mixed by Claptone". This collection of edits, classics, exclusives, remixes and stand out tracks from his DJ sets is split into two mixes: day and night. Claptone aims to enchant and beguile the listener as well-known and new songs appear to magically intertwine; originals become remixes become edits become samples become music. Contained within the mixes is a special alchemy that is exclusive and won’t appear anywhere else - Claptone is spoiling us. 

"The night mix is one for your perfect club night at home or in the car, for having friends over or making new friends, for getting intoxicated without necessarily getting intoxicated. The day mix is the ice cubes in your cocktail, a cool shower for hot hours on the beach, your cushion for a nice siesta, your key to a sexy flirt or just that sexy flirt itself. Forget everything you think you know about DJ Mixes and listen closely when I create, combine, recreate and decompose. This is a joyride through house music and audible proof that this music has not lost its powers. On the contrary, my mix shows that the right sonic potion works better than any of these prescription drugs for when you need something to bring a smile back on your face and the sun back into your heart, believe me."




Night Mix

01. Ultra Naté vs Roland Clark - The First Time Free (Claptone Remix)

02. Purple Disco Machine - Drumatic

03. Mattei & Omich - Marlena Loop 

04. Alaia & Gallo featuring Kevin Haden - Who Is He? (Claptone Remix) 

05. Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix) 

06. Simion vs MD X-Spress - God Made Me Feel It (Claptone Edit)

07. New Order - People On The High Line (Claptone Remix) 

08. David Keno - Youth

09. Powers That Be - Planet Rock (Claptone Remix)

10. Junior Sanchez - Da House Dat Jack Built 

11. Riva Starr - I Believe In You

12. Tom Jay - Body Move 

13. Onsra - I Need You

14. KlangKuenstler - Jam Master Jack

      Wildchild - Renegade Master

15. Latmun - Def 

16. Mat.Joe - Weego 

17. Raumakustik - Raider

18. Subb-An - This Place (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

      Underworld - Born Slippy (Nuxx)


Day Mix

01. Rainer Trüby & Corrado Bucci present TRUCCY - Step Forward  

02. Langenberg featuring Blakkat - Shadows (Atjazz Remix Instrumental)

03. Deo & Z-Man - Universal Neighbours (SLG Remix)   

04. Asadinho - Jaslemeré (Version 2)

05. Daniel Steinberg - No One Can Change Me (Nick Holder Remix)  

06. Bas Roos - Searchin’

07. Konstantin Sibold - Dome  

08. Kapote - Fuck Music (Session Victim Remix)  

09. Martin Waslewski - Beautyhell  

10. Freiboitar - Nobody Dance  

11. COEO - Back In The Days  

12. Superlover - Timeless

      Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People (Original Club Mix)

13. Cassius - Cassius 99 (Tim Green Remix)  

14. Julien Jabre - War (Claptone Remix)