For house-heads across the globe, most of us will remember the first club night we went to that made us realise life was about to change, maybe it was a powerful vocal, uplifting lyric or an unforgettable atmosphere - we have all been there and experienced that moment. A time that can sometimes be indescribable or a ‘had to be there’ moment. With clubs temporarily shut and many events cancelled, now is the perfect time to reflect, whether you’re new to the dancefloor or it’s embedded into your soul, we wanted to hear your stories...

We asked our community, what was the first track that changed their lives? The response we received was remarkable, with inspiring stories shared by members of our dance music community far and wide. We wanted to share some of the special memories, in the hope of making some people smile and perhaps reminding you of your own personal life-changing dancefloor moments.

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Tell us your best story... About that one life changing record / moment? ???? —— #music #housemusic #question #defected

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If you haven’t already, share your memorable music experiences on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter channels, we would love to hear them! These are a handful of comments that stood out to us:

''Stardust's the music sounds better with you. My late mum used to work in Ministry of Sound as a cleaner on Sunday mornings 98-2000. She brought me in one morning with her. I remember the bright red Hugo boss style bathroom! I was spraying the perfumes & all of a sudden that song came on, think they were doing a sound check! Me and Mummy were dancing around with the mop and bucket and dusters!! Every time it comes on takes me right back to such a treasured memory even more so now as my mum is no longer here, my first experience dancing in the night club toilets aged 8.’’ Laurice Edmonds- Rowe (Via Facebook)

''4 or 5yrs old, in my grandparents’ house, dancing with my two aunties while they played vinyl - Chaka Khan, Sister Sledge & Donna Summer...I’ve known since then the groove moves through me & I definitely get lost in the music.’’ Julie Kourtesis (via Facebook)

''It was 1998, House of Decadence at Sky Gardens Sydney.... it was my future wife's 21st and it was about 30mins to wrap up (5:30am) then Duke- So in Love with You dropped (Full Intention remix) and I can't explain the emotions that ran through both of us whilst embracing in pure ecstasy when this dropped. At that point, I knew I found my soul mate Mel Doherty and of course Duke was our 1st wedding song’’ John Doherty (via Facebook)

''Adam Van Helden’s Funk Phenonmenon, I was about 19 at club End Up in San Francisco. Everything dropped at the same time (The beat, the atmosphere etc..) In that moment, house music became somewhat spiritual for me.’’ @GarywalshJr (via Twitter) 

 ''Hearing an underground track called Pete Heller ‘Big Love’ for the first time in the Ministry Of Sound Main bar on my 19thbirthday in 1999, had no idea at the time how sentimental I would get over that track as a 40 year old.’’ @gareththerev (via Instagram)

''Deep Inside- Hard drive. The year was 1994 and a 14-year-old me was inside a small shoe shop in Toronto and I clearly remember staring at the shoes on the back wall, but not seeing anything or able to acknowledge anyone. Time clearly stood still as I heard the repetition of those vocals and the bassline came through me. Haven’t been the same since…luckily. 20 years later mates of mine opened for Louie Vega in Toronto, and 14 I was again.’’ @phillipefalcao (via Instagram)