*Disclaimer: hotels and flight information is correct as of 9th July 2021 and COVID requirements are correct as of 29th July, and is subject to change*

It’s nearly that time of the year when our community gathers in Tisno for a week of dancing in the glorious Garden Resort for the almighty Defected Croatia. We’re ready to make up for a missed 2020 festival and crank it up in 2021. We want things to go as smooth as possible for you, here’s our handy guide on travel, accommodation and COVID requirements when landing from the UK and EU. 




  • Some of you may be aware that the Croatian National Government have reduced event capacities in Croatia to 1,000 people between 26th July and 15th August, unless a festival has an exemption certificate. Thankfully, The Garden has managed to secure an exemption certificate for Defected Croatia 2021, but as a result we now require everybody who enters the site on day 1 to take a Lateral Flow Test upon entrance (a new, fresh test – not one you have brought with you), which must be registered at the on-site testing facility and then logged on the Croatian Government website. We will also require attendees to take tests on days 3 and day 5 (it is possible that those fully vaccinated may not have to take the day 3 & 5 LFTs, and we are awaiting an update from the Croatian Health Minister). We acknowledge the cost and inconvenience but unfortunately without this, there would be no festival and crucially, this helps us all to remain safe and responsible throughout the week. We appreciate that this may contradict our previous messages, but it is incredibly important that you are fully and correctly informed through any changes and we thank you for your patience and understanding. 

  • In the event that you are arriving on Wednesday August 4, the site will be available for you to retrieve your wristbands and complete your first test (times TBC). Look out for further messages – we are trying to open as early as possible!

  • With travel guidance constantly changing, please ensure you check the entry requirements to Croatia from your departure country with your own national government - while we continue to try to be as up to date as possible with our communications, the only way to truly stay on top of things or double check our advice is to check your national government websites.

  • To speed up the process of testing on site (for the LFTs) and also for getting any PCR tests leaving the festival, everyone needs to fill in their info in this link to speed up the process and avoid any large queues – this will eliminate any admin upon entrance and get you in as soon as possible: https://covid-zadar.com/garden-resort/ 

  • For all who need to take a test for return travel, make a note of the date you need to test in the message box on the form of the  link above. This will also help the testing unit to plan ahead.

  • Neither Defected nor The Garden are profiting from any of these tests. They are a government requirement for the festival to be able to open. 

  • In the event that someone in your accommodation tests positive for COVID, unfortunately all members of your accommodation must quarantine. 

  • This year, The Garden will be cashless. There will be a number of spots around the site and at Barbarella’s where you can load via cash or card and be able to swim and party without the risk of losing your purse/wallet. After all, it’s been a while ;)


You can book your test for entry (as well as 3 & 5 day re-entry) to Defected Croatia at a test centre on the festival site or in Tisno by following this link: https://covid-zadar.com/

Rapid testing for entry will cost 95 HRK per test. Payment can be made at the test centre. 

It is essential that you reserve a test in advance to get tested on-site or in Tisno. This will speed up the process of getting tested upon your arrival at the test centre. Once you reserve a test, you will receive a code in your email inbox that will be used to locate your details when you are at the test centre. All the information required will be uploaded onto the Croatian health ministry national system within the hour of testing. Rapid testing is a strict requirement for the festival site being able to open and is provided by a third party. Defected does not make any money from any testing facility in Croatia. 


If you require a PCR test before you travel home, this can be taken at the test centre in Tisno or on-site at a cost of 600 HRK. Book a test by following this link: https://covid-zadar.com/

PCR testing is a requirement for international travel and is provided by a third party. Defected or The Garden does not make any money from any testing facility in Croatia.


You’ll find hand sanitiser stations all over the festival site and this year we will be using a cashless payment system to make transactions quicker and more sanitary (you will be provided with a bracelet that can be used to make transactions at the festival and can be topped up at stations around the festival site, Barbarella’s and on our boat parties). Face masks are not obligatory on site, however if you do choose to wear one there will be no judgement. Please respect one another on the dancefloor and around the site. This is the first Defected festival since the pandemic began so let’s look out for each other and stay as safe as possible. 


Face masks are mandatory when indoors as well as in public places where social distancing is not possible. You must also wear a face mask while on public transport and it is recommended to wear a mask while using taxis too. The Croatian government also recommends the use of hand sanitiser while visiting public places. Full and up-to-date information can be found via this link: https://croatia.hr/en-GB/coronavirus-2019-ncov-q-and-a

This information is subject to change however please do contact croatia@defected.com if you have any concerns or queries regarding tickets, travel, accommodation or anything else, we are here to help!


No matter where you're based in Europe, the festival site is accessible from most major cities, with Split, Zadar and Zagreb being served by 50 airports, and all are a drive or bus ride away from The Garden Tisno; Zagreb being the furthest airport with only a 3 hour transfer time to Tisno. If you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, then you will be able to find flights from airports such as Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, and if you're in London, then flights are available from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and London City starting at just £44.

Check out the latest flight deals below, all found via Skyscanner.*

United Kingdom -

04/08/21 -11/08/21 return

London (LHR)- Zagreb (ZAG) = £149

London (LCY)- Zagreb (ZAG) = £177

London (STN) - Zadar (ZAD) = £44 (3rd-12th)

London (LTN) – Split (SPU) = £58 (3rd-12th)

Manchester (MAN) - Zagreb (ZAG) (via Amsterdam) = £205 

Bristol (BRS) - Split (SPU) = £107 (3rd – 12th

Belfast (BFS) – Zagreb (ZAG) (via Amsterdam) = £216

Cardiff CWL) -   Zagreb (ZAG) (via Amsterdam) = £264

Glasgow (GLA) - Zagreb (ZAG) (via Amsterdam) = £161 

Europe -             

04/08/21 -11/08/21 return

Madrid (MAD) - Split (SPU) = £158

Paris (BVA) - Split (SPU) = £256

Frankfurt (FRA) - Split (SPU) = £172

Milan (MXP) - Split (SPU) (via Rome) = £98 

*Prices as of 06/07/2021, extra fees may apply

To check out the prices for any destination into Split, Zadar or Zagreb just head to Sky Scanner or Expedia...

This information is correct at time of publication and is subject to change.


We have hand-picked ten perfect festival stays near the festival site just for you. With options for groups, couples and solo travellers, we hope to have found something for everyone.*

Villas Arausana & Antonina , Vodice  

Sleeps 1-3 people

Beachfront accommodation, with an on-site bar and pool for guests.

Distance from festival: 17 minute drive 

Murter- New Apartment, Murter

Sleeps 7 people

A brand new slick apartment for 2021 with a terrace and sea view.

Distance from festival: 13 minute drive

Serov, Tisno

Sleeps 11 people

Perfect for larger groups, a four bedroom apartment with WIFI, a terrace and balcony. 

Distance from festival: 25 minute drive 

Sea’s the day villa, Drage

Sleeps 6 people

This villa comes equipped with a pool, jacuzzi and a private beach spot, perfect for some pre-festival relaxation.

Distance from festival: 20 minute drive 

Cosy Orange apartment, Tisno

Sleeps 4 people


A quirky sea view apartment in a perfect location to reach Defected Croatia.

Distance from festival: 25 minute drive 

Luxury apartments, Vodice

Sleeps 2 people


For the couples this apartment is set in a gorgeous location providing a luxury stay. 

Distance from festival: 15 minute drive 

On the rock apartment, Šibenik

Sleeps 2 people

A unique stay for two from an Airbnb highly rate host.

Distance from festival: 25 minute drive 

Remote cottage, Biograd na Moru

Sleeps 9 people


A luxury apartment located just 20 metres from the sea. 

Distance from festival: 30 minute drive 

Hostel Globo, Šibenik

Sleeps 10 per dormitory 


Ideal if you are solo travelling or on a budget. 

Distance from festival: 25 minute drive 

D-Resort, Šibenik

Sleeps 1-3


A stylish hotel resort, including a spa for post-festival detoxing. 

Distance from festival: 25 minute drive  

*the following stays are available from dates 04/08/2021-11/08/2021 as of 07/07/2021

This information is subject to change however please do contact croatia@defected.com if you have any concerns or queries regarding tickets, travel, accommodation or anything else, we are here to help!