A brand-new project from esteemed Irish vocalist Maverick Sabre, revered producer New Machine, (whose recent production credits include Jorja Smith, Kano, Aitch, and Bakar to name a few), Jake Hall, founder of Prevu as well as new eponymous fashion brand By Jake Hall, and his brother Sonny Hall, a DJ and music obsessive, the collective YOURS are redefining what it is to be a dance act for 2023. Releasing their debut Defected single ‘DÓNDE ESTÁ’ on 7th June 2023, following two self-released records earlier this year, this playful, Latin-infused cut conveys the group’s sparkling, genre-spanning sound.

Formed from a chance collaboration between Maverick and Jake, who were working together on a collection for clothing brand Prevu, the near unintentional inception of YOURS came from their shared love of music, fashion and eagerness to exchange their respective expertise. With the group’s foundations deeply rooted in a genuine friendship and respect for one another’s work, it wasn’t long before Maverick brought in long-term collaborator New Machine, and Jake his brother Sonny, to work together on the new project. With Maverick and New Machine’s relationship tracing back from their childhoods spent together in Wexford (Ireland) which led to over a decade making music together, contrasting with Jake and Sonny’s East London-via-Mallorca upbringing, the range in influences and backgrounds is evident across YOURS’ musical output.

Now signed to Defected Records, the group will release their debut single on the label ‘DÓNDE ESTÁ’ on 7th June, with a treasure chest of original music set to be released over the next 18 months. Drenched in Latin influences, credit to Jake and Sonny’s Spanish upbringing and the group’s shared love of the Balearics, the record is a perfect example of YOURS’ ability to produce music that will take you from sunset to sunrise. Playful, uplifting but with a slickness in delivery that comes only from artists with a rich musical education, ‘DÓNDE ESTÁ’ is just the start of exciting things to come from YOURS and Defected.

As Maverick describes the group’s Defected debut, “'DÓNDE ESTÁ’ really ties the YOURS story together from conception to where we are now. The four of us are creatives from different spaces coming together to make a music and fashion fusion and spread some love through the art in the process. To have that journey come to the point where we are now releasing through Defected Records means a lot to us.”

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YOURS ‘DÓNDE ESTÁ’ will be released via Defected Records on 7th June 2023. Sign up to the YOURS mailer to be the first to get news HERE and pre-order or pre-save HERE.

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