It was a virtual day to night affair to be remembered, house-heads globally tuned into a 12 hour live stream showing love for one another, united through music. The new concept was put together in under a week: #DefectedInYourHouse. It would have been impossible without the hard-working and devoted Defected team and the artists who brought all the vibes to your home. The love we felt from our Defected friends and family was truly special, so we have put together a recap of a day set to go down in the Defected history books:

Our artists let us know their thoughts on the #VirtualFestival: 

Dan Shake:

''Such a surreal feeling playing to that many people although not being able to see any of them! I’m just grateful that we still got to keep the party alive despite this madness."

The Shapeshifters:

''I’ve been trying to use this time as positively as poss, studio, family etc, as I felt sadly I wouldn’t be playing records for a while in the current climate.

So when Simon Dunmore and Defected first voiced this idea I knew I had to do my bit. Our community is so special and live for their music and I knew this was a very unique way to give them something back for all the love they show us all year round. 

To say it surpassed expectations Is an understatement, knowing the audience was around the 2M mark at points was mind blowing, emotional and inspiring all at once. Everyone involved worked really hard to make it a standard you’ve become accustomed to, not knowing that history was being made at that point but just cause they wanted to give something back. Playing to an empty room is not the easiest task but watching every performer just give their all for the love, was amazing.

I’m so pleased we pulled it off, Bravo Defected.''

Darius Syrossian:

''With everything thats going on right now, it was really important to make people feel connected with each other, & before this live feed the response i had was huge but se the reaction afterwards blew me away and was far bigger than i expected, as for the set, i wanted to play a quality feel good house set, most of it was on vinyl and I dug out loads of my secret weapons on wax that i knew would do the job''

Low Steppa:

''I was quite anxious before my set because I knew how important this was for the people, it was all about lifting the spirits around the world but as always music brought us together, the virtual festival was so much fun and I played as though I had a room full of people. Knowing I made people smile is everything, big love we will get through this''

Sam Divine:

''The most surreal but most fulfilling moment of my career so far! To see our community come together like that under one roof will stay with me forever locked in the ‘Special memory bank’ Thank you.''

Melvo Baptiste:

''I’ve never experienced energy like that in all of my life. In a super difficult period for all of us, our community came together for 12 hours and shared so much love via the music. I sat up until 3am the night before making sure my set was tight, I was relieved to see how nervous all the other DJ’s were too! Despite there being no live audience, it’s the biggest show most of us have ever played, with the hundreds of thousands that were tuned in across the world.''

Joey Negro:

''The virtual festival was a brilliant idea from Defected and I was flattered to be asked and even though it was all last minute knew I had to get involved. Playing to an empty room whilst 1000s watch or listen at home is a surreal experience, but right now anything that lifts people spirits and helps them forget about this bloody virus for a few hours (in the same way as they’d go to a club to escape reality on the dancefloor) has got to be a good thing. We can sometimes forget how powerful music can be, add in online interaction between listeners  and this was something very positive for all of us.''

The Vision:

''Yesterday over 1.5million people viewed Defected Virtual festival... we were very proud to be a part of it as The Vision. Thank you all Ministry and Defected, and all the other DJs / dancers for making this such an amazing experience in times of such uncertainty. Love to all.''


''Friday was unbelievable, I thought it was a really great idea but in all honesty didn’t realise the positive impact it would have on peoples day. The response was really heart warming and I’m just really happy I could be a part of it.''

Main man Simon Dunmore left an emotional sentinment on instagram describing the event as 'Possibly the most positive thing I have ever been involved with'.

All day and night we were inundated with messages spreading the postivity, a well needed abundace of good vibes!

From the experienced ravers to the young kids, all kinds of party people were out in full force on Friday. We put together a feed of videos and photographs here to see who was involved in the house party. Whether you want to sit back and reminisce, watch your favourite artist again or you're new to the #virtualfestival, you can watch it all back here.