The debut single by Nasser Baker, 'Fit Check', is out 19 July 2024. Pre-order / pre-save now.

“I needed to revisit the musicality of it all rather than try and ride, or predict, the next hype.” - Dennis Ferrer

Dennis Ferrer announces the launch of brand-new imprint Thriftshoppe, working alongside us to bring the NYC-born label to global audiences. A bona fide legend of house music, with Thriftshoppe, Ferrer intends to disrupt the contemporary musical landscape by committing to authentic craftsmanship of "luxury, one-of-a-kind sonic treasures." 

"The time was right for a change of direction. I needed to revisit the musicality of it all rather than try and ride or predict the next hype. With that mindset, stepping back to the origins of properly written songs and melodies meant taking a step forward. So, to put it plainly, Thriftshoppe is the vehicle for change for me and, hopefully, others who share this vision."  Dennis Ferrer

"Having my sister and my cousin on vocal duties made this record fun for me. I hope it translates," Nasser Baker shares.

Going against the prevailing worldwide trend of overproduction, overconsumption, and instant gratification, Thriftshoppe sets out to re-introduce the world to the magic of slow burners and future classics. 'Fit Check,' the debut record on the label, comes from Nasser Baker and drops on the 19th of July.

Following Nasser's stellar 2024 releases on Defected and RAWthentic, 'Fit Check' showcases the producer's unique taste from the jump, featuring original vocals to create a vibey, club-ready outing, with expertly curated production choices perfectly exemplifying Thriftshoppe's core values. 

"Occasionally, a record comes along that makes you throw your hands up and dance. 'Fit Check' is currently that record for me." – Dennis Ferrer

With Dennis (left) and his innate musical ear at the core of the label's A&R, Thriftshoppe focuses on sustainability and longevity and vows to remain unbothered by genre expectations or hype.

With future plans including live events and releases from an array of house music's hottest names, expect Thriftshoppe to be one of 2024's most anticipated label launches.

Nasser Baker's ‘Fit Check’ will be released via Thriftshoppe on 19 July 2024. Follow @Thriftshoppemusic on IG for all the latest updates.
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