Calling all crate diggers!

We've recently introduced a new feature to the D-Store, where all vinyl purchases (excluding D-Store Recommends) are now accompanied with a FREE digital download. As well as your future purchases, you will also be able to access the files for all the records you've previously purchased with us (instructions on how below).

We're hoping this will give our customers a more flexible listening experience, and allow you to enjoy the records you buy on the go, or download onto your USB for djing as well as on wax. So from Defected classics to ultra-fresh new releases, you'll be able to enjoy the music you love without limits.

To access the digital files see below:

• For customers who already have a Dstore account, all you need to do is simply login to your Dstore account and under the ‘Purchased Music’ tab, you will find the digital downloads of all vinyl you have ever purchased with us!

• For customers who don't have a Dstore account, this feature still applies to you! Simply create a Dstore account HERE with the email address used at checkout. 

• Once your customer account is set up, your digital downloads should be ready in your customer account under the ‘Purchased Music’ tab.

Check out all the latest vinyl on the D-Store HERE.