Faith fanzine's monthly round up of essential HOUSE listening. This month, the lack of dancefloors to enjoy our selections is felt particularly keenly, given that the dizzying array of sounds and styles on offer make cutting a rug an instinctive reaction. But we will dance together again, and we suggest you will still find a way to bust a move to this lot.


** Single of the Month ** 

Radio Slave ‘Live My Life’ (Rekids)

This relentless bit of stripped back groove + vocal tweaking is Matt Edwards at his tension-building best and proves you don’t need to throw the kitchen sink at a record to create something memorable. The titular vocal refrain will stick in your head for days. Nic Fanciulli’s remix is more complex in terms of elements and arrangement, but retains the original’s effectiveness with that added bit of big room wallop you’d expect from the Maidstone lad. 


Coeo – I Can Never Be Yours (Toytonics)

Some people say that house music hasn’t progressed. And listening to this piano track you’d have to agree. But that’s not a bad thing. Because ever since Marshall Jefferson (or whoever) coupled the piano with 808/909 beats, it’s been the best combination in music since Mr Rock had lunch with Señor Roll. Anyway, the tune starts with some nice FPI-style piano chords, warms up with a bubbly, analogue bassline and hits the heavens with whooshy sounds and strings. If you like the Larry Levan remix of DJH feat Stefy (and let’s face it, you do) then this is worth a punt. And if not, well, whatever.

Dave + Sam - Facts (Classic)

“Fox News really gave y'all the blues….Rumor has it this ol’ beetle juice lookin’ ass , Penguin pantsuit wearing Snow coned poot with boots.” Brooklyn's Dave Giles & Sam O.B. get to grips with the nightmare that Trump has brought upon America with a lyric that the Last Poets or Gil Scott Heron would most certainly have approved of. It’s been far too long waiting for House Music to get back to political statements but this is bang on the money. “I guess I’d be scared of me if i got swindled like you.”

Pre Order 'Facts' HERE out 23/10 

Talaboman – Dins El Llit (Superpitcher remix) (R&S)

The good ship wobbly sets sail on this terrific trancer (in a good way) that leaves its mooring in the harbour of minimal and ends up in the undiscovered ocean of deep, echoic weirdness. Things that are great about this record: (1) the super-simple 4/4 opening and the high-in-the-mix shaker; (2) the twinkly bits of Rhodes piano that come in and out; (3) the snippets of Latin vocal that punctuate proceedings; (4) the acid bassline that makes you feel like your head’s turned into a cheese-grater. If there were any floors to be filled, this one would do the business. As it is, it’ll provide you with a bit of a boost before that next boring Zoom call. 

Austin Ato - Tony (Pantai People) 

Driving piano house in the old 90s New Jersey style so I‘m guessing that 'Tony ' may well be the legendary Tony Humphries. If so i reckon he would break out in that big smile of his, if not then I still reckon he would be all over it, as would all the DJs and fans of US House music. Slamming beats,  vampy keys and a rolling bassline , proper main room at the Ministry back in the day vibes.

Simon Hinter ‘Wanna Make Love EP’  (Quintessentials)

73 releases deep and Swiss imprint Quintessentials continue to deliver classic deep house sounds with a bit of funk and joy, and, fuck knows, we need a bit of both right now. Across the three tracks from Hinter, as well as a remix from KRL, this is a sample-heavy release that confidently presents itself with swaggering references to hip hop, funk and soul. None of it is groundbreaking but neither are chips, and who doesn’t like chips?

Set a JUNO alert - /Out 30/10

Charles Webster feat Ingrid Chavez ‘The Spell’  (Dimensions)

‘The Spell’ is the ‘instant gratification’ track, or single if you like, from the forthcoming Charles Webster LP on Dimensions and has caused quite a stir thanks to a remix from Burial, but the original version deserves some attention. Webster’s in left-of centre mode here, providing a rumbling non-4:4 rhythmic bedrock for moody atmospherics and Ingrid Chavez’s breathy spoken vocals. It’s hypnotic stuff and while we don’t necessarily have dancefloors this heady stuff from one of house music’s most reliable names is a welcome listen. 

Hanna ‘Champion EP’ (Penelope)

Warren Harris, if you’re unfamiliar, is the real deal. His output for Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature is probably the best known from his oeuvre but his overall catalogue is solid gold and this 3 tracker for Penelope is no different. A dense, rough cut collage of samples, skipping beats, glorious vocals and true musicality, this EP is house for heads, hips and feet. 

Adapter ‘Skate Dancer’ (Hot Creations)  

Out of Italy we see Hot Creations take a left turn towards the lure of the Glitterball. Originally a 1980 joint by Vinzerrelli that was covered / sampled by Dave Lee in his Doug Willis guise, this update samples Dave's cover (shit’s getting complicated these days) and freshens it up for today’s floors. It’s a camp romp under the lasers that gets tougher and techier in the Patrick Topping remix. One for the Generations of House.

Pre Order 'Skate Dancer' HERE out 6/11 

Patrick Conway - Institute (ESP)

Patrick Conway’s second release for ESP Institute is a continuation on his slightly off-kilter house styles. The opening track, ‘Hypersocial’, is a swinging affair that opens up into a glorious, rich piece of start-stop dancefloor botheration, oozing in soul and tipping reverential nods to Akufen, Herbert and Classic successfully throughout. ‘Safety Test’ on the flip is a wonky, grinding and itchy number in the best possible way. Refreshing business. 

Reviewed by Terry Farley, Dean Mushin, Anthony Teasdale

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