Another bumper selection this month, dancefloors opening back up certainly seems to have ignited something back in producers and labels alike. This is our pick of October’s House you must have… 

** Single of the Month **

Surprise Chef – Crayfish Caper (MAW Remix) (Mr Bongo)

Surprise Chef have been bubbling on the Melbourne underground scene for a few years, working out of their ‘College Of Knowledge’ studio and label. When the Bongo team was in Australia, a chance meeting in a record shop was the catalyst. Two albums later, the discerning UK label Mr Bongo, had the vision and past history to bring on board a remix team that would muscle up the originals . The first Kenny & Louie  'Nuyorican’ effort for a years! This will get the Jazz heads spinning  then they inject the MAW bounce, groove and masterful magic into ‘Crayfish Caper’ especially in the MAW House mix thats Bumpin a 90's Groove and the stunning MAW Dub that evokes memories of that Kenlou Dub magic from the Sound Factory Bar days .. Fellow Melbournite, Harvey Sutherland delivers his ‘Weird Flex’ on ‘New Ferrari’, with a catchy as hell take on the original track from this ultra-classy Antipodean producer.  

Javonntte - The Private Party - Situationism

Faith favourite Javonntte is back with a fab new release on Situationism. The Detroit producer and multi instrumentalist brings all his chops to the table for this delicious three tracker. You will think you are in Nu Soul territory at the start of the whole thing as the downtempo intro of 'Clap + Stomp' belies the rest of the track - a harmonica driven house workout aimed squarely at the dancefloor. My pick of the three 'Frank Sinatra' goes into slightly techy ground, but still full of musicality with plenty of strings and piano, definitely one for Faith's impending 21st birthday dance floor. The final track 'Sircut Reality' goes deeper with some proper jazz swing, scatting, flutes and crisp enough beats to tempt you onto the floor. Just need to track him down for a fanzine interview now.

The Mountain People - Ocean Me (Mountain People)

A new Mountain People release is a surefire reach; we just can’t leave it on the shelf without checking what Serafin and Rozzo have been up to. As satisfying as Swiss chocolate and originating from the same sky-high mountains, their hypnotic, emotive, reverb-soaked deep house has had a warm spot in our hearts and bags for over a decade and a half. On this three-tracker they are taking their jams somewhere slightly different, adding in touches of an electro style vocoder (‘Iterate’) and a funk fuelled bass (‘Eau Vive’). The main dish however is no doubt the title track ‘Ocean Me’, a hazy summer terrace anthem that is designed to scare off even the chilliest of autumns. Hopefully! 

Soul of Hex- Pharoh Machine EP (Delusions of Grandeur)

If you’ve ever been Tijuana, you’ll catch this tip quick from Soul Of Hex. Home for all things off-centre, London label Delusions Of Grandeur welcome back the duo who once again deliver a wild card EP that isn’t for lightweight consumption. The opening track is on a disco tip but its dark and with the spicy edge that we come to expect from brothers Gerado and Emanuel Cedillo. The title cut uses filtered synths on top of a bumping groove, with a vintage soulful vocal for maximum dancefloor pressure. But its third cut ‘Dreams’ that is a wild killer beast. It’s moody, dark, and delicious with its low-slung groove and hypnotic beat. This EP is naughty.

DJ Spen & Soulfuledge – Going Home (To My Saviour) (Kerri Chandler Remix) (Quantize Recordings) 

Up steps Keri Chandler on remix duty for this wonderful Soulful Church hoe down. We love a harmonica in House tracks (simply not enough) and this is as good as a example as any; catchy vocal refrain with a great old style vocal, double handclaps, funky keys, string stabs and that harmonica really takes  'us to church'. Can see this as a big audience participation record.

Jimmy Read feat E-Man - Dominoes - Digital Soul

I'm normally dubious when I see house reworks of absolutely classic disco, funk or soul tunes and plenty of them shouldn't have bothered but the fact that Jimmy Read has been making some ace house music recently and E-Man is on the mic this was definitely worth checking. I think Jimmy's version of this absolute classic Donald Byrd stands up, with so much studio skill from Mr Read and the spoken parts from E-Man working really well. You may disagree and think that such vintage should be left in the bottle, but thought most would like it check it out. 

Solid Gold Playaz – Next To Me EP (Freerange)

Solid Gold Playaz, Kenny Gino & Mike T, came out of a hibernation period delivering their first EP to Freerange just a year ago. With new material already production, it came as massive blow to all that Kenny Gino sadly and suddenly passed away in July. With Mike’s blessing, Freerange Records are proud and honoured to present this very poignant release in the shape of the ‘Next To You EP’. The opener is deep and emotional as Kenny’s lyrics float on top of the mesmerising house groove. ‘Who’s Playin’ Ya’ is pure Chicago raw and rolling. ‘Do You Think’ closes out this powerful record with a juggernaut of a bassline that you just can’t stop. The ‘Next To Me EP’ is testament to the fine talent and huge dedication of these warriors of the underground house scene. Rest in peace Kenny G. 

Clive From Accounts – Strictly Business EP (RNT Reserve)

Mystery Londoner Clive has had outings on Fouk’s Outplay and two on Gilles Petersons label love, On The Corner Records. But the ‘Strictly Business EP’ on the original music Reserve imprint of Razor-N-Tape, sees Clive coming into a whole new office space of his own. Don’t let the comedy day job tag take your attention away from the music as this EP packs a hole-punch and wreaks of production talent. ‘Tell Me’ makes an epic impression with its deep rolling house groove, while the lush and nostalgic ‘Without Your Love’ sings “what am I gonna do” over and over tugging on all the right strings. Saving the heaviness til last, the cold and icy breaks of ‘Yukon’ round of this incredibly hefty package.

Gratts - Brighter Future (Inner Balance Recordings)

Robert Owens remains for most Heads THE voice of House music, an ageless voice who never fails to touch your soul. The main mix is old way Chicago and Robert Sounds as good as ever but its the 'New Vision dub ' that makes the most of Robert using him more sparsley under heavier beats, great techy stabs and some lovely splashes of Drama. It was a toss up for record of the week with this and the MAW Dub of ' Crayfish Caper ', fact is they work so well next to each other that you got to buy both and work the shit out of them together . 

Patrick Cowley - Get A Little / Lift Off  (Classics by Kookoo)

One of those 'As played by Harvey' turnouts thats been at the top of everyones 'want list' for weeks. Alan Dixon does that modern Italo sound so well that it seemed a perfect match to simply (I say simple but retouching classics is anything but simple  beef up and take these iconic Patrick Cowley tracks into more mainstream floors and playlists . The influence of the late Patrick Cowley on Disco so modern Electronic dance can't be over estimated and his legacy is well looked after here by Alan .

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Reviewed by Terry Farley, Sharon Andrews, Hilit Kolet and Stuart Patterson