Defected have signed FCL’s It’s You from We Play House Recordings.

FCL’s It’s You – specifically San Soda’s Panorama Bar Acca version – has been causing quite a stir of late. To begin with it was only the FCL guys themselves and a few trusted friends who had a copy of this ferociously uplifting vocal record, but We Play House Recordings eventually released vinyl copies of the record late last year. Now we are proud to announce that we have signed the record and will be releasing it digitally with brand new remixes later this year.

Said Simon Dunmore of the signing; “It’s one of those records that just screams summer; we’re expecting big things in Miami, Ibiza and beyond. We’re also talking to some pretty exceptional artists about remixes, but I’ll leave you guessing as to who they are for the moment.”

If you haven’t already heard the track, here are a couple of videos showing just how much of a weapon It’s You can be.

Here are FCL themselves dropping it at a party in Amsterdam last summer:

And – more recently – it was Solomun’s midnight record at Awakenings just a few days ago.

Read We Play House Recording's own announcement on their site here.

More details to follow soon…