Robert and Lyric Hood return as Floorplan to Classic Music Company with another double track release of divine house. Opening with ‘We Give Thee Honour’, a high energy cut teased during their set at Nuits Sonores festival in Lyon, it quickly caught the attention of Classic label boss Luke Solomon. As syncopated organ stabs are juxtaposed with a wild vocal loop and unpredictable gospel interjections, the record creates the unique energy of worship in full flow. 

The second track ‘Makes Me Wanna’ takes a more minimal approach to production, playing to Floorplan’s club expertise with a chugging bassline and joyous choral vocals. With both tracks packed full of powerful, feminine vocals that celebrate the duo’s spiritual influences, and following releases 'Right There / Holy Ghost' and 'Get My Mansion Ready / Out Of Control' this EP continues to illustrate the evolving relationship between the Detroit duo and Luke's London imprint.

“We are honoured to do another EP with Classic. We wanted to show our gospel and dancefloor roots with 'We Give Thee Honour' and 'Makes Me Wanna’. ‘We Give The Honour’ will take you to Church while ‘Makes You Wanna’ will make you want to get on the dancefloor. We want you to feel the the vibrations of our ours souls through this EP.” - Robert Hood, Lyric Hood [Floorplan]

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Floorplan ‘We Give Thee Honour / Makes Me Wanna’ is out via Classic Music Company on 3rd February 2023.