We are delighted to announce the return of Honey Dijon to Classic Music Company with the first record from her forthcoming album Black Girl Magic, ‘Not About You’. Teaming up with emerging Atlanta talent, singer/songwriter Hadiya George, this irresistible ode to a testing kind of love illustrates Honey’s dedication to absorbing, living and breathing dance music’s origins, while exploring a new sound that offsets the darker, tougher elements of her catalogue.  

As Hadiya’s lovelorn vocal narrates, “why you always got to play the fool, that’s why I wrote this song for you,” the flawless production forms the backdrop, weaving deep grooves and rhythms with fluttering, melodic keys and Honey’s signature dancefloor-ready flare. Steeped in the sounds of the Chicago nightclubs Honey grew up in, this empowered, glossy house cut is an inspired preview of what is to come on this anticipated LP.

'Not About You' is about the communal love and joy we all experience on the dancefloor as one. The dancefloor is a place to leave all labels, inhibitions, and prejudices behind. A place to create dreams and manifest desires. After all, it's not about me, it's not about you, it's about us! - Honey Dijon

Working with sculptor Jam Sutton, a bust of Honey can be seen on the single’s artwork, “The sculpture collaboration with Honey explores identity, form, technology and classical portraiture. I spent a day with Honey in my studio during her London show residency; after brainstorming ideas and conversations about life and creativity, I wanted to capture her personality and strength which I found incredibly inspirational.” 

Their work together will be unveiled in parts, to coincide with Honey’s future releases, “We wanted to create a series of sculptures which exist separately as fragments and join together as a main piece,” Jam explained.

‘Not About You’ is out on Classic Music Company on 26th June, stay tuned for further announcements on Black Girl Magic on @classicmusiccompany