If you follow Glitterbox’s social media channels as closely we do, you will have spotted the gold lettering and geometric logo of Fiorious. The logo, depicting the sun rising behind a wall within a triumphant gold triangle, along with the statement ‘I’m Not Defeated’, represents the dawning of a new chapter of Glitterbox talent, and introduces the world to Fiorious, a vital new force in dance music and beyond.

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In our ‘Ones To Watch 2019’ feature we noted Fiorious’ forthcoming album Revisionary along with a playlist he put together of his musical influences. We spent some time getting to know the artist behind the craft, before he launches his single ‘I’m Not Defeated’ and the unforgettable accompanying video.

“I’ve always been a music nerd, playing piano and saxophone as a kid, with music blasting at all times,” says Fiorious. He was born in the Bronx and raised by a loving family of Italian immigrants. After finishing school he dropped classical voice training and opera in favour of a more vivid musical culture – “I was playing original songs in various funk and R&B bands around NYC, but something changed in me when I discovered the amazing power of real house music parties, dancing til sunrise at The Shelter and Body & Soul” he says – relatable.

Ten years ago he left New York, found love and started to explore his potential as a recording artist. “I love NYC, but I also felt this need to get new inspirations outside of here, especially in Europe where house and disco reign, and ended up collaborating with DJs and producers in Italy, releasing my first album seven years ago.”

One thing that’s clear from the get-go is that his creative process doesn’t stop at the records. “I think about visuals a lot when I'm writing, producing, and arranging” he says, and that’s clear from the concept of the logo, to the sumptuous graphics for the singles’ artwork and the videos, packed with instinctive movement and colour, all stemming from a tangible creative vision. “‘I'm Not Defeated’ was my way of drawing on the kind of visceral political imagery and protest music that Rage Against the Machine brought in the 90s, but rooting it in raw, classic house music.”

'I'm Not Defeated' is available to stream now: http://po.st/GLITS030D2

Undeniably, the record does just that. ‘I’m Not Defeated’ is a powerful call-to-resistance club anthem, the lyrics drawing on personal pain while tapping into the very real turmoil that exists in the world around us. “There was definitely a lot of anger rooted in there [while making the record], directed both at myself and hateful external forces in the world. So in that moment of feeling very defeated, both personally and politically, I wrote a song to make me feel the exact opposite, to feel completely empowered.”

We can now reveal the full ‘I’m Not Defeated’ video which premiered on Friday, 8th February along with the streaming release of the single. The video celebrates activism, visibility, and the history of the LGBTQ+ struggle. “People try to legislate sexuality so it’s inherently political. The President of Brazil is trying to wipe out his country’s LGBTQ+ rights; the country with the largest trans population and the largest trans murder rate in the world. We need heightened accountability on a global scale. Sure, in London or New York City, you can live your best life at Horse Meat Disco or Glitterbox; clubland has always been a sanctuary for the queer community, but let’s not forget that many of us are still being targeted and attacked in the USA, UK, and all around the world. Of course we need music for those party moments, but also from our struggles and empowering us to say, ‘You won’t defeat me. I won’t be erased.’”

Glitterbox aspires to be a worthy platform for Fiorious’ vision, presenting the music and visuals undiluted and with an understanding of the wider context. Glitterbox is honoured to take Fiorious to the next level, inviting him to perform live at events in London, New York and Croatia as well as giving his upcoming album project Revisionary the attention it deserves. “The idea of being a part of the next phase of Glitterbox really appealed to me; the Glitterbox vibe is all about love and inclusiveness and freedom, and it's amazing that I can help bring that into a new artist-driven era, always rooted in house and disco, but still pushing it forward.”

'I'm Not Defeated' will be available on streaming platforms on Friday, 8th February, pre-save here: http://po.st/notdefeated