Veteran disco DJ-producer Dave Lee (AKA Joey Negro) will release a compilation dedicated to Italian dance music from the early Nineties later this spring.

Italo House gathers 24 classic Italian productions from the likes of Don Carlos (Alone), Jestofunk (I’m Gonna Love You), Paradise Orchestra (Satisfy Your Dreams) and Soft House Company (What You Need).  Despite the prominent inclusion of the latter this is largely an underground collection, Lee charting the impact of New York and Chicago’s rising dance scenes on Italy, and local producers’ uniquely ambient and atmospheric twists on those influences.


1). Don Carlos – Alone (Paradise Version) 
2). Paradise Orchestra – Satisfy Your Dreams (Club Mix) 
3). Double Dealers feat. Opi Williams – My Love (Club Version) 
4). Korda – Move Your Body (To The Sound) (Club Mix) 
5). Omniverse – Never Get Enough (Sunday Morning Mix) 
6). Jestofunk – I’m Gonna Love You (Club Mix) 
7). Montego Bay – Everything (S-Tone Mix) 
8). D-Rail – Bring It On Down (Dub) 
9). Shafty – Deep Inside (Soul Trance Mix) 
10). Steve Banzara – Black (Jaco Version) 
11). Nexy Lanton – You Too (Atmosphere Version) 
12). Mr Marvin – Entity (Jazzy Mix) 

1). Aural – Desire (Martini Club Mix) 
2). Arkanoid - Alpha Centauri (Extended Remix) 
3). Key Tronics Ensemble – House of Calypso 
4). M.C.J feat. Sima – Sexitivity (Club Mix) 
5). Lipstick Traces – I Want You (Claim Mix) 
6). DJ Le Roy feat. Bocachica - Yo Te Quiero (Detroit Version) 
7). Latin Blood – Deseo (Salsa Club Mix) 
8). Soft House Company – What You Need (Original Mix) 
9). Centric House – Alright Alright (Seaside Mix) 
10). Love Quartet – Kiss Me (Don’t Be Afraid) 
11).Funkmaster Sweat – House of Latin 
12). Carol Bailey – Understand Me (Dreams Piano Remix) 

Italo House is released via Lee’s Z Records label on May 12 as double-CD, gatefold vinyl (14 cherry-picked tracks) and download.