Growing up in Dresden during the Communist Regime, Tino Pinotek aka Purple Disco Machine, became obsessed with disco sounds from a young age, with the typically love-struck lyrics escaping the strict censoring rules imposed on radio stations he grew up listening to. These politically-correct records went on to inspire decades of crate digging and creativity, with Tino now a disco house kingpin and legend in the making. 

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An integral member of the Defected and Glitterbox family, Purple Disco Machine remains one of the select few whose musical style sits perfectly within the realms of both parties and labels. From sending crowds wild at Hï Ibiza on a Sunday night, to releasing huge remixes on Defected like his re-works of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’ and Shakedown’s ‘At Night’, Tino’s innate musicality shines through on everything he touches.

With a gift for reviving old records for today’s dancefloors, employing punchy drum programming and filtered basslines, Tino’s breadth and depth of musical knowledge was highlighted in his Glitterbox – Discotheque compilation, a carefully curated collection of decade-spanning golden-era disco, newly released vocal house and guaranteed party starters. His original tracks like ‘Body Funk’ and ‘Dished (Male Stripper)’ are a masterclass in production, with his skilful sampling making for irresistible dancefloor dynamite.

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As Defected head honcho Simon Dunmore put it “his records do the talking for him,” and the same can certainly be said for Purple Disco Machine’s latest Defected release, where he steps up to remix the Ibiza anthem of the summer, Roberto Surace’s ‘Joys’. Pre-order 'Joys' (Purple Disco Machine Remix) here.

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