“This label is not beholden to one genre or one sound. It's simply about good dance music, made for the dancefloor that expands your mind and makes you feel good.” – LP Giobbi

LP Giobbi announces the launch of her imprint Yes Yes Yes as part of our family of labels, where the DJ, songwriter and producer steps up as a newly appointed label head with a record that is a statement of what’s to come on her latest venture ‘Time Expands’ (out 29th September 2023).

“I grew up going to this hippie festival in Oregon called the Oregon Country Fair. My parents started going in their 20s and I have never missed it since the womb. It's my favourite place on earth because it leans into weirdness, joy and mind opening experiences. The first thing you see when you walk on site is a sign that just says, ‘Yes Yes Yes’ and it makes me smile ear to ear every single year. This label is not beholden to one genre or one particular sound. It's simply about good dance music, made for the dancefloor that expands your mind and makes you feel good.”  LP Giobbi

Launching the imprint with an original LP Giobbi record, ‘Time Expands’, a deep, chugging bassline, lo-fi synths and LP’s signature musicality are married together by an otherworldly spoken-word. With the release also marking the first time LP has used her own vocals on a record, she explains:

“The whole song came to me pretty quickly all at once and I thought it would be so fun to have a weird psychedelic message floating over the dancefloor and the repetitive groove. This song is made for weirdos on an open-minded dancefloor, similar to one you might find at the Oregon Country Fair, and it made me want to have a separate outlet to release these kinds of tunes thus giving birth to Yes Yes Yes.”

Speaking of the launch of Yes Yes Yes, Defected CEO Wez Saunders said:

"LP Giobbi is one of the most exciting talents of recent times – a fantastic DJ, pianist and producer, LP will now be supported by the Defected infrastructure as A&R with the launch of her new Yes Yes Yes label. Having worked together for a number of years, LP has released across both Defected and D4 D4NCE, as well as playing multiple events across Europe and America. Whenever LP releases or plays for the labels, the magic just happens. Our fans are super connected to LP, and as such I am sure they will be very excited about our affiliation with Yes Yes Yes.”

Alongside launching the imprint, LP Giobbi also announces a series of Yes Yes Yes afterparties across Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Toronto and Chicago as part of her Light Places album tour. The first live offering under the Yes Yes Yes brand, LP will continue to bring the open-minded ethos to dancefloors across the globe as part of the label’s plans.

LP Giobbi ‘Time Expands’ will be released via Yes Yes Yes on 29th September, pre-order/pre-save HERE and for all the latest from the label follow on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Soundcloud.

For full details on the Yes Yes Yes afterparties head HERE.