Following the success of their Earl EP on Switzerland’s Hive Records, Berlin-based House staple, Oliver $, reunites with Swiss Jazz House aficionado, Jimi Jules, to bring their anticipated, debut release on Defected, ‘Pushing On’.

‘Pushing On’ opens with an infectious percussive medley composed of tropical triangles and melodious 808-like cowbells. With the gradual introduction of the moody, Frankie Knuckles inspired bass line and tailing piano chords, the track slowly transform into an energetic homage to classic Chicago House.

Quick to take centre stage, the track features dusky vocal samples from English Soulful Jazz revival band, The Quantic Soul Orchestra. Merging effortlessly with the wispy cymbal crashes, the song’s title and central lyrical theme, ‘Pushing On’, falls and confidently rises to drive the track to its spirited climax. 

Already household names in their home countries, ‘Pushing On’ is sure set to solidify Oliver $ and Jimi Jules as international House providers. ‘Pushing On’ also includes a dub version of the original.

Pushing On is out 24 March on Defected Records