Denmark’s very own breakthrough producer, DJ and label manager S.A.M. has thrived in carving out their distinctive sound, often described as striking the balance between delicate and thumping soundscapes. From club-heating releases on PIV to a dreamy collaborative album with Chris Stussy, S.A.M.’s elite production shines through in every track with groove always at the forefront.

We are excited to reveal that S.A.M. now joins the Defected crew with ‘Spotlight’ out on 4th March, featuring striking vocals from Sarah Ikumu who seamlessly covers the well-known Jennifer Hudson song. ‘Spotlight’ is no stranger to big club moments with Chris Stussy championing the record as a staple in his sets from Fabric to Printworks, to Sam Divine and Simon Dunmore seeing in the New Year of 2022 with the release. This eternal dancefloor gem is one to be heard loud amongst a crowd and the moments that accompany it are bound to blow you away.

“I never payed much attention to lyrics. So when I first made a housed up version of Jennifer Hudson’s hit Spotlight to play in my sets, it was mainly because of her incredible voice and the over all vibe. But then I listened, and since then I feel the message of 'Spotlight' is what gives this song purpose for me. Essentially it is letting us know that if we don’t learn to be compassionate for our insecure selves, we will hurt the ones we love. So if you’re that spotlight to a loved one, you need to stop and do the work on yourself instead. And if you are in such a spotlight, you deserve so much more...

Spotlight is the first real song I produced, and working with Sarah Ikumu, who’s just such a powerful singer, was an unforgettable experience. I always want to challenge myself and this song totally has done that. I feel so much more confident in my abilities. Also, I can’t wait to finally share this track with everyone, as I’ve been working on it since the pandemic started. It has turned out so much better than I could have imagined. When I listened to the mix and mastering Joel Krozer did I felt I had more faith in myself as a producer. I can’t wait to get to work on the next project because of it.” S.A.M., DJ/ Producer 

“Very happy for Samuel to finally see this record being released after 1.5 years. It has brought me so many great memories at several parties, definitely my favorite track from 2021.” - Chris Stussy, DJ/ Producer

"Spotlight is a track dear to my heart because it’s not only a great song but the process behind it has been a special experience! S.A.M finding me and asking me to be apart of their project alongside Defected, to me was something that was meant to be. I’m so grateful that I get to sing on the track as I feel it embodies everything a soulful house track should be. S.A.M. did great remaking the track to give it that dance/ feel good vibe whilst keeping the essence of the original song. It’s also such a privilege to work with Defected who are brilliant at what they do and a label that takes great pride in releasing quality house music! I had a blast recording the track. The studio was filled with positive and energetic vibes and I hope people can hear and feel it through the song. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with." - Sarah Ikumu, Vocalist 

“Spotlight is a track that I immediately fell in love with when I heard it. S.A.M. had a vision that they honoured throughout the creative process - there is so much beauty and space in the production, the subtle nuances, and you can really feel the purpose in each element. Their focus, drive and passion has carried the project through from start to finish. Sarah Ikumu’s range and natural ability as a vocalist is not something you come by often. We spent less than 2 days in the studio, and she nailed the performance… Every vocal stack, melody, harmony, whisper and power vocal. It’s actually just been so fun to work with these two and we can’t wait to officially share this anthem with the world.” - Adrienne Bookbinder, A&R Manager, Defected Records

"I first heard S.A.M.’s version of Spotlight when Chris Stussy played it last summer. The reaction was undeniable. In every sense it sounded like a classic Defected record, an amazing soulful house production. The scene needs more releases like this and I was so happy when S.A.M. agreed to sign with us." - Simon Dunmore, Founder, Defected Records 

S.A.M. featuring Sarah Ikumu 'Spotlight' comes to Defected on 4th March, pre-order will go live on 18th February