Danny Tenaglia has announced his 'resignation' from DJing.

The veteran 51-year-old jock made the announcement in an extended (and
rambling) status update in his Facebook page.

“As of this day, I am 'resigning' (not retiring) and all future gigs will sadly BE canceled except for My Belated Birthday @ Pacha on Sat April 28th! This will BE my final gig until I feel I am ready to return back to the decks.

“This is thee hardest decision I have ever had to make in my career, but if not now, then when?? I apologize to all parties involved but I think most people that know me personally know that this has been coming! I have performed at WMC 26 years in a row! I have played every year in Ibiza since 2000! It's time for ME to Stop and settle down.

“There is no way I can do all this and travel and have a life... Only I can make the decisions of what stays and what goes, including what I will do with over 10,000 records, etc etc etc.

“SO in closing: I LOVE YOU ALL and I just wanna Thank U 4 Lettin me BE MYSELF all these years, and now I beg you to please continue with me in my journey and my quest for something new and wonderful. I will never give up my first love with MUSIC, but there has to BE something else (or someone) out there waiting for me! :)”

Tenaglia has not specified whether or not he will continue to produce music, but the statement has lead to an outpouring of affection for the dance music legend.

Said Foivos Petropoulos: “Even if you don't have so much money this doesnt mean you are not rich.YOU ARE RICH.What you left behind you has inspired so many people. And so many people fell in love with music because of you.You are the cause that guys like me started djing back in the days.”

DJs too have come out in force to pay tribute.

Harry Choo Choo Romero said: “Danny Tenaglia, I applaud you for your honesty and bravery. The best has yet to come for you my friend. My studio will always be open to u,” while Felix Da Housecat added: “I wish u the Best Danny Tenaglia. U had a huge IMPACT on my career. May U continue 2 live and see thee Lite Brotha!”

Best of all perhaps came from The Streets' Mike Skinner, who said:
“Danny Tenaglia. 26WMCs in a row is no joke.”