Not content with making sublime, soulful DnB as Marcus Intalex, in 2011 Marcus Kaye launched his Trevino alias and set about irritating house and techno producers around the world by being equally impressive in their respective genres. EPs on Craig Richard’s The Nothing Special and Appleblims’s Apple Pips quick followed – the former of which included the peerless ‘Backtracking’ – quickly establishing Trevino as a force to be reckoned with.

Here he delivers his trademark blend of emotion-rich house and techno in this exclusive mix for In Their House.

Thanks for talking to us today… how are you?

Good, just had the weekend off; been playing golf and watching the cricket. It’s been as good as a summer as I can remember.

You’ve previously described your Trevino output as the most creative period of your musical career… is this still the case?

Yes and no, it comes and goes. I write a lot of stuff, experiment a lot and once in a while make a good tune. I move from house and techno back into DnB and just wait for something inspired to happen. This summer’s been a little slow as it’s been far too hot in the studio.

Your remix of Pipes is out now… are you inundated with remix requests? How do you decide which you take on?

Yeah I get quite a lot. I just try and work on the tracks that have enough things in them that inspire me to make my own version, simple as that really.

How and where did you put the mix together for us?

In the studio using the Traktor S4. It’s fun for mixing at home, though I use Serato in the clubs as it feels a lot more professional. With the S4 its fun; I just hit play and then make it up as I go along.

Any particular tracks on there you’d like to highlight?

It’s quite a varied mix nothing too dark or nasty and nothing too deep, I just got on a roll. The last track by Iron Curtis is an absolute killer, the kind of track I wish I had made myself. It takes me back to the late 80s when the whole house music thing was starting to emerge.

D&B, done. Techno, done. What’s next? Is there some post-dubstep in you?

God knows, I’ll just keep messing around. I would at some point like to do some kind of electronic pop project with a decent singer/songwriter. Nothing cheesy or charty just something a bit less obviously dancefloor-focused.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about…?

Yeah new 12's forthcoming in the next month on The Nothing Special and 3024. I’ve also got a new house and techno label coming this year as well as remixes for Dolly and Ben Simms.

Pipes - Crooked Love (inc. Trevino mixes) is available now from Phonica


Michael Jansons  - Just Us (Original Mix)                              
And.Id  - Thalassa (Original Mix)              
Deetron - Character (Original Mix)          
Mark Henning - Me You And I (Original Mix)      
Der Dritte Raum - Morgenland (Original Mix)                    
Pipes – Crooked Love (Trevino Remix)
Wordlife – Small Talk (Doc Daneeka DTW Remix)                            
Rachel Row - Follow The Step (KiNK Beat Mix)  
Matt Karmil - 606 Pianos              
Kyle Hall - Down!                                                                            
Nikola Gala - Party People (Original Mix)                              
And.Id - No More Words (Original Mix)
Floorplan - Never Grow Old                      
Trevino – That’s Not Me
Iron Curtis – Daniel