Frank & Tony are Francis Harris and Anthony Collins; two exceptionally talented, like-minded artists who have been collaborating over the last few years to produce unique, considered electronic music.

Harris – whose previous moniker as Adultnapper brought him worldwide acclaim – has just released his second studio album, Moments of Sleep, under his own name, while Collins, who was formerly part of the Freak ‘n’ Chic collective has recently relocated to Brooklyn from where they run their label, Scissor & Thread.

Their mix for In Their House is easily the deepest in the series to date, so kick back as they guide you through an hour of intricate and emotional house and techno.  

Francis… thanks for speaking with us and for your mix… what have you guys been up to recently?

Well Anthony has now moved full time to NY, so we are in the final gear to finish our LP project, so lots of work happening.

You’ve previously described your label Scissor & Thread as ‘a label with no boundaries’… if that’s the case, what defines the music you release?

Great songs, great production and a commitment to process rather than result.

You’re known for playing – or at least always wanting to play – extended sets together Why is this important for you? Do you think that allowing DJs the time they need is more important than having a huge line-up?

Huge line-ups are essentially an act of industry ego-stroking. We are all about the sound.  The art of DJing began as the curation of an entire night and that is something we aim to continue. We both prefer to play all night because we feel inspired by a commitment to the music, not the fanfare that comes with headlining DJ slots.

Tell us about the mix.. how and when was it recorded?

The basics; two decks, two CDJs and an obsession with Discogs.

Any particular records on there you’d like to highlight?

I suppose all the upcoming cuts, especially, Tumble and Duration Dub - both new cuts from Anthony and Frank & Tony.

Your second album as Francis Harris was released recently to fairly widespread acclaim… how much has your ‘sound’ developed since you started recording under your own name? Are you happy with where you are now?

I couldn't be happier. I feel my sound will continue to develop as long as I am committed to exploring the potential of a process of recording that values details over hype.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about…?

We're just two boys who need affection!


Rising Sun – Lift Up Your Faces ( Sven Weisemann Indian Face Mix)
Francis Harris - Lean Back
Pole - Pferd (Melcior Prodcutions’ Zodiac Mix)
Frank & Tony - What You Beleave
Ion Ludwig - Psamathe
Shlomo - Here
Anthony Collins - Union Block
Frank & Tony - Duration Dub
STL – Neurotransmitting Clouds on the Secret Freeway
Anthony Collins - Tumble