A veteran of Berlin’s infamous club scene for more than 20 years, there are few people who know the city – and it’s influential tastes for music – than Andre Lodemann; an artist renowned as a class DJ and producer throughout the city and beyond in the wider electronic world.

Set to release an EP on Defected’s sister label DFTD in early February, we invited him to deliver the first In Their House mix of the year: fans of deep, tech house need look no further for their latest sonic fix. 

Thanks for talking to us Andre… how’s the New Year treating you so far?

I am trying to relax after a busy Fall. I was DJing a lot overseas and so I’m happy to catch some regular sleep and am still in hibernation mode.

How do you think 2013 will be remembered in terms of the prevalent styles of house and techno respectively?

I think there was a lot of solid output but nothing mind-blowing. What really impressed me was the stuff by Ten Walls and Koze.

You’ve been a staple of the Berlin music scene for close to two decades now… what are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen during that time?

The re-emergence of house music was the biggest change in the last years as Berlin has always been famous for Techno. House music was revived through the influence of tech house and minimal. A new sort of fusion was created especially with artists like Henrik Schwarz, Ame, Dave DK, Steffi, Ben Klock, etc. That’s why House music was able to re-establish itself and gain so many new fans in Berlin thus pulling fans of this music to the city from all over the world.

Tell us about the mix… how and where was it recorded?

The DJ mix was recorded at my home studio on 2 x CDJ s and my Rane rotary mixer.

Any tracks included that you’d particularly like to highlight?

Stream Of Tears produced by Fabian Dikof is one of my favourites these days. Fabian is a very talented upcoming producer. He recently released his Bleary Faces EP on my label Best Works Records.

You have an EP coming out on DFTD in February… what made you want to work with the label?

I have been following Defected for so many years. I really enjoyed artist compilation like the ones that Charles Webster and DJ Gregory did, so it was a good fit for me.


1. Martin Patino - Hommage a la Sodomie (Joash Remix
2. Fabian Dikof - Stream Of Tears
3. Downtown Party Network - Space Me Out
4. Dorisburg - Sinai Hypnosis
5. Werner Niedermeier - You Can Trust
6. Maurice Aymard and Gui Boratto - Home (Jay Shepheard Remix)
7. Ten Walls - Requiem
8. DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures - No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix) - Compost
9. Mr. Ho & Florian Blauensteiner - Crescendeux
10. Timo Maas - Tantra (Atelier Francesco Remix)
11. Bet.e Stef - Triste (Nicola Conte's Jazzdub Vox)
12. Andre Lodemann - Coming Your Way
13. Deetron - Rescue featuring George Maple
14. Royksopp feat. Susanne Sundfor - Running To The Sea (Pachanga Boys Remix)