If you’re old enough to remember going to a club, festival or general congregation of people dancing and having fun without someone sticking a camera in your face, then you’ll remember the days of club culture before the global juggernaught that is tilllate.com.

If you’ve never haven’t experienced the flash of the camera followed by the sharp card pressed into the sweaty palm of your hand you must have been doing your partying in a very discreet corner of the globe. Since its modest Swiss launch nearly a decade ago it is now Europe’s largest nightlife and clubbing community, with millions of users hitting their online galleries to check out where they’ve been, where they want to go and perhaps catch a glimpse of their own face smiling back at them from cyber space.

It’s an incredibly simple and obviously effective business, model and one that has fed the curiosity (and vanity) of the world’s clubbing community. Then in 2008, tilllate.com created their Nightlife Network, which gave users an even more interactive portal; from reviewing their pictures from the weekend to downloading the latest MP3s.

Earlier this year, tilllate.com was acquired by M8 magazine, and the magazine was re-branded as tilllate Magazine, giving them an enviable print as well as online presence in the world’s media. "I have been like a kid at Christmas waiting for this re-launch to happen!" says the former M8 editor Kevin McFarlane of the deal. "It’s been a hard few months trying to keep quiet about it, but thankfully it’s now official and myself and the rest of the former M8 team cannot wait to help take tilllate Magazine forward. tilllate Magazine really will be at the forefront of clubbing and dance and tilllate Magazine and tilllate.com working in unison will allow clubbers instant access to millions of like-minded individuals across the world. The possibilities here are endless!"


It’s a bold statement for a site that started out as a simple online gallery, but with passionate people like Kevin at the helm, it looks like tilllate will be building on their success and going from strength to strength over the next few years. But away from all the takeovers and behind the scenes deals, the face and lens of tilllate will not be changing. They’ll still be providing  the excitement of being made to feel like a celebrity for a few seconds, followed by the anticipation of what you’ll look on the site, and whether you nailed that pout you’ve been perfecting all summer long or whether they caught you mid-gurn and looking a little worse for wear.

We wouldn’t have it any other way…

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